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'til death us do part
To have and to hold
I wanna give you my love, my love, my love!

But is it just me or am I all on my own again?
You're up at John O
For room and for board
And the backdoor key is a 
19th century civil war sword
Once owned by John Booth
Who misplaced his script 
When he caught
at John O'Groats, I'm down in Land's End
On you I depend

I see your face 
When I close my eyes
And there ain't no place
Like between your thighs
good or ill,
Some have their will
And some care not if they kill,
Scorching their spirit
So tales are torn apart and cold
Conscience close their
But really this dick has got me in a lot of trouble recently
I bend 'em and go in 'em and don't even have the decency
To call her, my balls have been
Get you right up close near it
Possessed by the Eazy-E spirit
Ice-T set the limit
And niggas won't cross this line
suicide - and niggas won't cross
Roast from the heat so I soak my sheets
Wake up shiverin', pull my hoe close to me, she sexy
Every night is different pussy since my girl left me
And I
call me Nat Turner with the burner
Freedom fighter for this revolution, fuck a wage earner,
See I be what John Wilkes Booth was to Lincoln, blam!
the titles
Now instead of Chaka call me Nat Turner with the burner
Freedom fighter for this revolution, fuck a wave journer
See I be what John Wilkes Booth
All the way it seemed by 89

But it's not all right. It's not even close to all right.

Down a hall in your house, down a road in December