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Spiral staircase going down, paint your body red and brown
On our knees we'll feast on a sex show
Spiral staircase spiral staircase

Greasy haircuts
Spiral staircase goin' down
Paint your body red and brown
On our knees, we'll feast on the sex show
Spiral staircase! Spiral staircase

The hour of souls is the night by your side 
the whisper of angels, your breath 
I sleep behind the moon 
with your slender hand in mine
In revolving it changes
And I don't trust the axis
Or the allies.

Eh leve woul speh hey raal don aon on.
(The leaves will spiral down one by one)
of touch I'm out of reach

Struck by a car
Crushed by a tree
Fork in my tongue
Glass in my sleeve
I snap the rope snap the wrist
Here in my inner spiral
A brightness falling through the air
Into the grass where we lie
A lark spirals upwards in perfect pitch
Soaring into exquisite tension
the swallow as he glides
Like a spiral up to freedom

Time goes by
Seems like the blink of an eye
It's so crazy
What can we do

It's so strange
Life in
the little baby down the
Push the little baby down the spiral stairs....

Push the little baby down the
Push the little baby down the
Push the little baby down
Remember when we walked along down by river's end
Past the shops now long closed down, walk with me again
Wrap this night around your memory
of the ladder
Downward spiral to nothing
The smallest rat in the pack

Becoming the king of the hill
Caused by a twisted mind
No chance of recovery
[where] sin speaks through the wicked 
Hell repossessed 
by those who burn with the guilt of being born.
Trapped! Trapped in this downward spiral
A spiral orbit circumnavigates the axis
Fragments, threads of the origin's shape
The dreary synopsis of an aeon-old praxis
Encircles the thoughts
Wish that I could wind
Like a spiral stair through time
To your body next to mine
Warm and satisfied
Wish that I could catch
A night train
Come and drown with me
In the sea of apathy
Deeper in we are drawn
On this downward spiral 
We passed the point of no return
The moment we
A man conceived a moment's answers to the dream
Staying the flowers daily, sensing all the themes
As a foundation left to create the spiral aim
spiral down
Collide and crash into the
Broken world

Descend downwards into
The dark
Are you not entertained by
The fall?
Only misery enthralls
Who wants to come with me and melt in the sun?
Superstition taking all of us for a ride
Bombs overtaken by the signs of the light
The bombs are
While you, your fragrance drags
It conveys me to the country

And is...
your birthday?

As if by flight, behold
I am sat in a leafy
I do think that women could make politics irrelevant.
By as a kind of spontaneous cooperative action,
The like of which we have never seen.
I'm coming out of the void
Along a spiral trace
Escorted by a thousand souls
Remembered but still unknown

I don't need wings
To reach the sky
the centre / of my own/ existence!
Deserted by everybody / Multiple despite that
Destroyer and Creator / Creator of the Spirals
I let the extinction of Time
Haunting me endlessly
Sorrow felt by those who mourn
As I adopt my ethereal form.
Descending from the mortal coil
The spiral track from which I fell
Can it
forward and get your
Come forward and get your
Come forward and get your
Come forward and get your
Come forward and get your

(Spiral Music)

and vast
statements just seem vain at last

Some rise
some fall
some climb
to get to terrapin

Counting stars by candlelight
all are dim but one is
as your heart is mending
But then the dream is shattered and the spiral's ending

Building little tombs, bashing flies with spoons
Squashing spiders too,