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a man
Walk like a man my son
No woman's worth
Crawling on the earth
So walk like a man my son

Oh woo oh oh oh woo oh oh 
(Walk, walk, walk, walk
on to each other and walk side by side
There's no battle on earth we can't win together 

From a father to a daughter
From a mother to a son
Let their
better walk it back down

Despite the great duress, always get off 'cause damn it!
It's the only sure-fire way to win
Your poison doesn't hurt me, no
Arisen by a silver sword
That lost its battle shine.
As I walk into the gate
I left that world behind.

My father wakes me with his calls
Lucifer son of da mornin'
I'm gonna chase you out of earth
Lucifer, Lucifer son of da mornin'
I'm from the murder capitol
Where we murder for
the sky
We watch as life goes by

When Theo was gone, his son Ion took the power
And in his daddy's name, built the biggest strongest tower
The earth
this plow beneath my feet
And turn this earth over one more time
Some say this way of life is done
But not for my father's son 

Now and then I walk my
Jesus had a son by Mary Magdalene and he rode the land like the man who
Went before
Young Jesus raised him loud, mother Mary raised him proud and he
by saviors
Throwdown burden of the prophecy
By the holocaust of children
By the massacre of the innocents
Knocking off all holiness
gone crazy
There's no one on earth that can save me, not even Hailie
I think my dad's gone crazy

My songs can make you cry, take you by surprise
it's worth
Choose Hell, or Heaven on earth
If you live it right, there's nothing to fear
'Cause you'll find Heaven right here

You know you're gonna walk
and the lame could walk I said hallelujah the lame could walk

[ Dallas ]
Jesus Christ our Saviour was born in Bethlehem
The son of God almighty the beginning
war, why are we in it? 
Might've fired off a couple of rounds, I didn't mean to begin it. 
If these are the bullets that every father and son must
said that I won't get far

Being the Son, Of a Rap Star.

Chillin' at the club with my homies,

Sippin' on gin and juice when my Boo walks past.

the thunder and
Lighting above your head is caused by the Son of Man
We experimentin' with high explosions
That cause the place to quake and the surface
boss just quit the job
Says he's got himself some blinds to rob and he'll do it
The third planet is sure that they're being watched
By an eye in
some flowers to brush the dirt up off his shoulder, so
With a right hand that was all bones
And no reason to stay, he decided to walk home, so he?

I was raised off of Rural Route 3
Out past where the blacktop ends
We'd walk to church on Sunday morning
Race barefoot back to Johnson's fence
I'd sing the harmonies and Dixie sang the melody
And we sing a little off key sometimes
But we had some fun, son of a gun
I wonder if I ever even
before I'd ever bite my tongue
I'd slice my gums, get struck by f***in' lightning twice at once 
And die and come back as Vanilla Ice's son

And walk
of his sons and one with the earth
So I could walk on the lunar path and chant forever
I'm the son of the moon, I'm one with the creator...
I praise
through a hole that he had drove
It reflected off the gold and almost made son blind
He grabbed onto some grass and climbed
Pulled himself up out of his
through a hole that he had drove
It reflected off the gold and almost made son blind
He grabbed onto some grass and climbed
Pulled himself up out of his
illusion, the national curse,
And those with no sandwiches please get off the bus.

The excrement bubbles, the century's slime decays,
the sins of a reverend for all our irreverence
Does my time spent on earth qualify me for heaven
Did we tick him off by wastin' all of these ticks on this