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The light that fill my lonely cell,
Is blocked out by the key,
That locks the door to this hell,
The place they wanted me.
Time's racing like
Well, I walked out of work
And I was tired as hell
Another day's come and gone and oh well
Somewhere there's a drink with my name on it

Well, I
People rejoiced instead of financing
Your preconceived notions were shattered
By these super old white people dancing

[The Lonely Island]
The Big Apple,
of blue run circles round the morning dew,
Patterns understood by you, reaching out beyond and before.

Time, like gold dust, brings mind down to hidden
islands we stand alone 
Oceans between us now 
We shut out the hurt, we cast love aside 
Stubborn beyond the point of all reason 
Stranded by pride
wrong with my dick
It's like a melted stick of butter so soft 
That it can't fill a rubber.

Aye yo come on man, this is lonely island, 
People are
Yo! It's The Lonely Island
We got our man Jorm
Kiv's in the house
And me? You know who the "f" I am
And if not, let me spell it out
They call me
likes to make it known Strong Island stylin 
For a while, so do that dance 
(Are you rockin the spot?) Yes I be 
(Showin others they do not?) Yes I be
I like it. 

We climbed for hours and days and years 
And centuries the islands sole lonely mountain 
Until we were high enough to see the otters
hoods me around;
In wood and water, earth and air,
A silence is everywhere. 

Save when at lonely spells
Some farmer's sleigh is urged on,
With rustling
the sticks and ride around
There's a man up on a mountaintop who wants to go down and breathe the salt air by the shore
There's a guy on an island he ain't
Poseidon's water took her long ago

Mainwaring in his submarine

Out the portal late at night
A sailor might see a wat'ry light
And if 'e sees it
the lonely widow
we could steal her credit cards
and buy a cottage by the ocean.
If we swim to Junk Island we'll burn up like the seagulls
and the whiskey
creature laughed out its scorn to the dawn
The sun wasn't able to send down its light, swallowed by thoughts in my mind
Dark was my conscience, I was
on the continent, it's here, it's everywhere!
And this is, if you will, a war, an all out assault by

The sly fox
We locked
In the idiot box
The video
wall, it's on a cross of stone 
 In the Balkan States, the Gulf and close to home 
 On not so foreign islands out on city streets 
 Mr President, just
Snow falls on the Hudson
Souls are lost by the lonely dozen
She was here and then she wasn't
Out there in the weather
Was it a frostbitten wind
But only if ya lonely baby bubba
Then she said do you got the rubber
Got the cover's out the closet
Another flawless victory, a bitch ain't shit
to view
Down all the days to 1992

So lonely on this island ever since she set me free.
Breaking out of my isolation
Reaching out with hands across
cracks sack by sack so they could function?
Well, yes and no
Yes we were selling it
But no it wasn't blow
Cook it in the basement then move it at a show
thoughts, I may have jumped the gun

We walked and we stopped in your stereo
I really wanna be the color in your video
It's my it's my shotgun wedding with
a ticket to fly, he can make it if he try,
To the sky, like a Coney Island ride.
Gettin' pages, from his super agent, 
Community raises at the clout
It's 5 o'clock a lonely night
And I just remember, we were side by side
I made mistakes, you went away
And now I know the words, I didn't say

Heartbreak suzie don't you waste my time 
(she have me in a fantasy island)

Come booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by booty by hay!
what time it is, ain't no time to be fronting
Trust yourself, get with the movement
Yo teacher, let 'em have it, like this,