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Karen liked to tie me up
And left me hanging by a strap
Jeannie had a nightclub walk
That made grown men feel underage
Mariella, who had a son,
touch the heart of someone new saying I love you, ooh ooh ooh, oh.
You're my desire, you take me higher.
My love is like a river running so deep.
friends today
You know the drive's about an hour away
Then we'll be pitching up a tent by the trees
And we'll be wading in the river to our knees
They just use me to watch the baby when they run they errands
My name is ___ I got a friend named Karen
She gave me your CD with the track for
with wet matches and bottle rockets
While cop walkie talkies walk outside my apartment obnoxious
Tonight's special consists of stale fiber from shitty
Riot For New Kanada. The track takes the form of an interview with Mr. Finnegan. Note that the poem at the end of the interview is in fact the lyrics