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rummaged were found guilty by the police
So won't you sell them the key?
What's your asking price tonight?
Locked in, locked out
Credit, debit, private
down on his knees

So I leapt on that mother my anger to appease
When I grabbed him by the throat, he said "Oh spare me please"
Sure as gullible
If I could just get it on paper
The things that have happened tonight
But that seems to me to be the big key
I'm having too good a time to ever
Hare did have a spare a-pair. 
The end
We sleep by the ever-bright hole in the door, 
Eat in the corner, talk to the floor, 
Passenger on confessional course
Unlock with the key you behold within
Repair the shadow of your mind
And come awake

Oh, dreadful angel of mine
a fucking drive-by 

Riggety rolled on them slow in the Cadillac 

Silkk behind the wheel, me and King in the pack 

Master P in the passenger seat getting
depend on
Give me love, and nothing less than
Your love

Love me forever and stay by my side
Love is the key in this lone lonely ride
Give me one
I know this girl
She a real good girl
And she be low-key
Looking like a star
With a real nice car
A Mercedes key
She got a nigga
And she love
across the land

It's a rapid journey
And wherever it may lead
We're all just passengers
That don't know who's in the driver's seat

From times of hardship
Fresh out the county, shoes with no laces
Plastic bag carryin', no two paces
iPhone, belt by Gucci
Bands with loose change and some car keys
You were captain of the ship
It was headed for rocks
But you were first in the lifeboat somehow
Now you're watching from shore
As the passengers wave
almost half asleep but you know I might just reach ya
Girl I need ya, oh
Gon' gimme that spare key, oh
But if you keep the door unlocked, be ready, oh
System on blast as the mothafucken one time pass
The key to drive bys is aim steady
Turn that bape hoody into mothafucken confetti

When you cross that
They're stolen by a midge 
Spare me some coins 
So I can cope some dope 
I will feed it to your sister 
And hang her on a rope
Let's sing
If you have a moment to spare for me
If you need a friend that I will be
If you need some company then call me
If you wanna see a bad movie
If you
if you have a moment to spare for me
if you need a friend that I will be
if you need some company then call me
if you wanna see a bad movie
As my, Daytons spin, lowrider sittin low
Hittin corners so hard you can taste my rims
Rag top six-fo', Henny in the passenger side
Smokin chronic
like 30 keys under the compton court building
Hope the dogs don't smell it

Welcome to vigilante
802s so don't you ask me
I'm hungry my body's antsy
can't define
Ave Lolita.

If you sleep at all, sleep well
For the coming day won't spare you.
If fear is the key,
You are lost outside the door
your blouse, don't button it up
Me and you could make a getaway, up in the cut
I'm just a squirrel in your world, bustin a nut
Slide in the passenger
a sidewalk preacher on a roller skate
He said he had the key to heaven's gate
I said: "I'll wait for the movie 'cause I been there before"
And learned: like
I'm Dr. Ice (How can you tell?) You can tell by the mous'
And I'm the Educated Rapper (The brainiac
And Mixmaster) woo-hah (The four is back)
While you were fucking up
I went and found something new
Packed up all my shit
Stole back all my tapes
Left your spare key under the mat
This is
the clothes
(? ? ) dyslexic on the passenger side
Don't mean that I ain't got the keys to ride
She's the pie, my, my, my
We done came to fuck and get gone, pay
on Hennesey
And I, can never pay your bills
Cause I gotta keep it real, real, real
I got my key on the passenger side
So ain't no scrub in me, me, me