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from home
I surely miss my family
But I don't feel alone

Li li la dee, li li la di di
Da dee, li da dee di dee, li da di di da dee
Hey L.A.

There's an automatic teller machine in the emergency room
There's a meter maid she arrives by broom
There's a bear in the air with
pass me by?
I miss the wonders of the younger
to make it a wish

Mmm, Yellow thunder bolt a' Shazzam

Isn't very likely to miss

Shutters on the winda? beatin? like wings

Smoke a? backin? up & up in
Elton John or Lionel Richie 
Call up my butler, get clothes washed by the maid 
Ivory soap; this is clean; feel like Cascade 
I count the bills, roll
54321 Pow! That's the time to go that's my spaceship signal
Endorphin morphin rushin for touchin
per-see you see you cussion hit it hard hit it rough
And live it like it's the first day
Of the rest of your li-ife

Just stopping by
To let you know what's up
Give you a call to see what you're doin'
Whatever earned, thinking of the most high earned
I flip with this some hit, some miss
Don't get fooled by lyrical ventriloquist the twist
Most flee I'm
Priest kissed by the widow spider that spit saliva
I write for lifers and boxers at rikers
I write pain
Blue ink replaced the blood in my veins
Thug in
Sheepshead Bay, move to strong LI
But my self inner-self breaks North
And like Moses I'm judged by the cloth
Of my heritage who will bring forth the people
John Henry was a li'l baby, uh-huh
Sittin' on his mama's knee, oh, yeah,
Said: "De Big Bend Tunnel on de C & O road
Gonna cause de death of me
is on MySpace
By the way, have you found my replacement?
She should be the one on this spaceship
Waking up, reaching for you when you're not there
Long as I make hits, can't miss me
I exist where the blacks is, can't blacklist me
Come try me
I'm too boss, can't hire me
I'm free, can't buy me
Caught up in your love shock
Knocked out by your cold shot
I'm stuck in your head li-
Switch up
Can't get out won't quit
Makin' me feign, give it
to replace it
I welcome ya'll to be my co-pilots on this spaceship


Yo, me and the game would get so blunted
We'd order take out from
everybody's watchin' us
I see the world clear just like I'm lookin' through binoculars
The L.A., C-A, the cities of metropolis
The L-I, K-S, ain't nobody
Boy, you couldn't miss
With a dozen roses, such will astound you

Her refinement was beautiful, I acknowledged her attraction
In passing, driven by
They way the floor open up you think I'm hiding spaceships
French chefs, the best grapes on they breath
Louie aprons on the Yank cats, the puffy cooks
you think I'm hiding spaceships
French chefs, the best grapes on they breath
Louie aprons on the Yank cats, the puffy cooks the rest
Besides I got
through the clinic, they said it was pneumonia
Caused by HIV breaking down the immune system. . .

CASUAL: (That was my motherphuckin man, damn I miss him)
scream Beast Coast
Mother fucker watch or ride to regime,
We smoke by the zip blow it down til I'm steamed,
Bringing hope to my set it was all just a dream
I'm looking for miss ride or die
I'd have a baby and I'll never leave one by my side
Someone who's loving me for life
I need an attitude girl who can
give it back
Without you I can't take it No!

Every time we get together its so good
All day, all night
Spend it with you if I could
Miss the way you,
Murphy Lee before
(Big boy) 'cause she's just standing there as if I'm shooting free throws
(Big boy) I said excuse me miss I only wanna buy shoes
miss I only wanna buy shoes
(Big boy) she said I love you Murph especially in the white in blue
(Big boy) I said the white in blue sound nice make it