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"Break it down like this!"
"Break it down down like this!"
"Break it down down like this!"
"Like this!"

Space cowboy..
Ace cowboy
disappeared without a trace
I'm glad, oh, that I found
Somebody who I can rely on

This is the return of the space cowboy, interplanetary, good vibe zone
And he put it in the twinkle of a cowboy's eye.

The wide open spaces he made wild and free.
Texas, as far as any eye can see;
And he made her sons
It trembled and exploded, left a bus stop in its place
The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began
There was Cowboy Neal at the wheel
Underneath the mud on the ol' tailgate

It's a cowboy cadillac, mud grips, gun rack
Factory four-on-the-floor
Quarter tank of gas
Little mama 
From Japan 
Sent by her Masters 
To a foreign land 
"Go out with the sailors 
Hang 'round the dock 
Get out of the way 
You can be President if no one's around 
Just like Kow Kow, you've heard it before 
Get back gangster, don't you open that door 
Space Cowboy's back
Makes me nervous
Too much ginseng
A [blah] wide open
Then a [blah blah blah] his face
Then a doctor [blah] fucking open spaces
Give some cowboys some
The horrible fanfare, the points are distorted
On a public announcement, towns on my (cowboy?)
With the border (resounding?) cowards cower around us,
The horrible fanfare, the points are distorted
On a public announcement, towns on my (cowboy?)
With the border (resounding?) cowards cower around us,
Written and recorded by Hank Snow

Well howdy boys, howdy, man, man it sure seems like a long time
Since I last rode down this old trail.
stop in it's place.
The bus came by and i got on, that's when it all began,
There was cowboy neal at the wheel of the bus to never ever land.
I'm just a space cowboy 
A vintage light-year jump-ship is my 
pride and joy
I'm still slinging that old six-string 
I found in a time capsule
Meat on the Moon
A barbecue tune
It's out of this world
I hope we get there soon
Stranded by Apollo Seven
I'm a hungry astronaut

Left alone
college girls write a nigga name on they toes
Niggas talk shit 'til they get lockjaw
Chrome to ya dome 'til ya get glockjaw
Party like a cowboy
Say a prayer for the cowboy
His mare's run away
And he'll walk til he finds her
His darling, his stray
But the river's in flood
And the roads
of pretend

Like the cowboy game, where the boy is the sheriff
And Biff is the bandit king
It always seemed to end
With the outlaws down in the jail
it's feeling today 
And you've been thinking about swimming upstream 

Are you embarrassed by legends of cowboys and maidens 
Do you remember how
the parking lot I saw two cowboys
Fighting for a handicapped space
So what is a girl to do now boys
To make sense of this place

There's too much wrong in
cowboy Genghis Khan?
The choice made, baby. Hey we'd take it back, logged in dropped out, MTV took track.
They sold it back to us and claimed no
Harry at home
And under my cowboy hat
I?m worried sick you know
All I ever wanted was to
Live by the sea
I?m a love junkie myself
Baby, come and fix
best friend and my girlfriend (and her brother)
Went into space
Who'da thought we'd get bombarded by cosmic rays
It turns out I'm the last of a powerful
Life handed me lemons
I jump back in the public eye and squirted lemon juice in it
By now you just wish I'd fucking die but I electrify
got a girl".That's all right

[Verse: MadChild]
What up ma, you want to hang with a rock star
Hop into my truck get stopped by a cop car (woop, woop)
To 'phatness' like this 
From one story the cowboy was founded 
I'm surrounded by Casual, and Whitey Ford, the whole world and your girl 

From the Bay