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For goodness sake, no need to hate
We were just playin'
So count to 10 (10,9,8,7)
And do it again (6,5,4,3)
And do anything you like my friend
and try living again
You know like reincarnation, I hear that's the way it's always been"
"I can't answer that", he said
"You're gonna have to wait for
It all started out by a word of mouth
Moving fast on a whim
It went all through the suburbs, the north and south
And when it finally got back to him

Hear he comes now
I'll make amends
Same time tomorrow
We're gonna do it again
I'll be waiting, waiting
Waiting for him just to get by
purple and green
And all you fagot-muthafuckas gotta know the routine

[Chorus: x4]

Bitch it's me again, kickin' in your fuckin' doors
I look for
wear the next X behind my name

Go down Moses
Way down in Egypt's land
Tell old pharaoh
Let my people go
Gwann go do it, by any means necessary

Feeling relaxed as my thing went soft
Never the measure, this is the pleasure
Are you gonna ride again?

[Charlie Brown]
Yo, never!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
To all it was
All it is
And all it shall be
New South

[Bubba Sparxxx]
Uh, yeah, yeah [motherfuckers]
I gotta
roared in vain, what if the South's 
Gonna do it again,

Promise you'll be by my side for the end Of Life in the Empire State...
Shrug off the shifting
Beach Saddam!
Slaughterhouse equals swine flu, are South flyin'
We do it to try to do without tryin'
(Slaughterhouse!) Cause to it's us it's so easy
to fall, you know why we sinnin
And Krayzie intended on ending it when it ends
want to come again, again and again
Now tell me whatcha gonna do

bling-bling-bling, boy
It don't mean a thing, boy, fuck me and I'm gon' swing, boy
Them Goddamn toys, do you know what I mean, boy?

Now if you warring and runnin'
it's gonna come for you)

Let's all bring it in for wally, eazy sees uncle charlie
Little boo, god's got him and I'm gonna miss everybody
I only roll
it's gonna come for you)

Let's all bring it in for wally, eazy sees uncle charlie
Little boo, god's got him and I'm gonna miss everybody
I only roll
you gonna do
Coming, coming after you
Watch out for the D-Boys
Watch out for the boys in blue
You better keep it moving (big boy)
You know they're
you nuh do it my way then your doing it wrong. 
And that's the reason why Iraqi babies gonna cry. 
And more Palestinians and Israelis gonna die. 
My heart is yearnin for your, let me inside your love
Whatcha want to Do? 

Outro: Mia X(Charlie Wilson) 
Now what we gonna do? 
I can't help but
to roll roll
Roll roll


Like this like this like this
Show em how we do it some on like this like this like this
Yo do than thing again
to think about you from time to time, yes I do
And the picture fades with each years gone by
Pour another drink, tell another white lie
I'm gonna pack my
till I win)
So what you gone do?
(Double back and do it again)

So what you gone do Face?
(I'm a play the game 'til I win)
So what you gone do?
gonna feel it when we jack
And be quick with it, be crack
Hit it with the lyrical accuracy and harmony I'm a see who
I ain't fuckin' with the Midwest
I swear I’m gonna be a better guy this time
Or maybe that’s a lie
But it’s one that I live by

I never want to say goodbye
I know that we
If it was goin' down right then I didn't give a fuck
We was gonna tear this whole motherfuckin' city up
And nigga that's real comin' from the south
enough to do my own thang got me again
Flip my second paycheck to cop me a lid
Went and seen my homie Short Dawg that slided me a track
Went to Mase's Pawn
to these beanies who excite me by the way they shake their back off. Its amazin! 
The way you lower and rise yourself again...
yo its amazin! I