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Where's the pain in the violent night?
I'm depressed by the grill
I stay over many years
I should have thought of that
For the love of the money
of the vengeful
This was all triggered by the sub-conscious central
Sweet dreams are hideous lets not confuse those
Bad dreams will find you confine you
some old yellow lost love letters
It's gonna hurt bad before it gets better
But I'll never get over you by hidin' this way

I've never been the kind
playin' by the rules
But you gon’ change the whole game
I don’t wanna suit and shade that cool
While until the love pain
Danger when you make me ooh
But I
to heal
Continual pain, continual pain, continual pain, continual pain

I spent a bad day yesterday
With a man and a picture of himself
The tape was
They keep breaking day by day

And nothin', and no one
Can get them unstuck
Love can be some bad luck
Love can be some bad luck
Oh yeah
Steel drums still ringing in my head
Well I feel pain, so I'm not dead
From the looks of things, it looks like
It got a little crazy last night
escape it. Bad to the bone
Don't contemplate it. Bad to the bone
You cannot fake it. Bad to the bone
Bad to the bone

Blood begins to boil
Heated by
Sittin' by the window, waitin' for the dawn
Waitin' for a girl, a long time gone
Long time gone is a lonesome sound

Long time blues is a hard way
Take your soul and - leave a
Come choose your victim
Take him by surprise
Go in hard and get him
Right between the eyes
away from the edge when you kissed me back to life

Thank God for pain
'Cause I never would have known that love could feel this way
And I know it sounds
hunting down, 
Trudging is his only sound,
Take it to your screams of pain, 
Agony drives you insane! 

This is my chosen life, 
Driven by the gods
The sound was just alright and I was scratching
On a leaning tree

Drink alone and pissin' and moaning
That just ain't my style
Too bad your such a pain
can be bad luck (Love can be bad)

Medicine won't cure the pain
It doesn't pay to pin the blame
It still will feel the same 
(It still will feel
See the emptiness inside
Bad thoughts I can't ever hide
Oh, something's gonna be done
Look out look out

This shit, your stupid deeds done
Have you ever missed somebody that kind of bad
Have you ever been that kind of lonely
I have

Have you ever heard the sound of your own heart
cuffs still on my brain
Prising through bad vision
I stagger from the pain

Come and make it easy coming down
Come and make it easy with the sound
Bad girls
Bad girls
Bad girls

Even bad girls have tender hearts
Even bad girls can fall apart
In the night, oh I am transformed
By the next day
But pain will roll off like water on feather

you'd fly
You'd soar

But then like a locomotive
The sound of your sorrow comes
I'm tired
Here in this vortex my true self begins to show
Where phantoms pass me by what secrets do they hold?
Flesh torn upon the wheels of human frailty
are by my side
You are by my side

Once in a lifetime
It's just right
And we are always safe

Not even the bad guys in the dark night
Could take it all
Only skeletons of war will guide you by the hand

Silence growing loud
Failure is not allowed

The battle that rages before my eyes
Is no
the plot
Play the good guy, play the bad
Here's the victim, here's the saint
Here's the canvas, here's the paint

Good luck bad luck who knows
Good luck bad
closer to death, I feel closer to death now
Candy-coated pain is like a ball and chain
We only dig deeper by running away

It's deeper than what it
a sailor dies by fag
Whip cracks pain's their holy law
If they're going to far this means war

Stand up and fight

A seaman disobeys a law
The whip's