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[Slick Rick]
Call me the freaker, I bump it in ya speaker
Week on my birthday, met this girl named Tameka
Astonishing creature, made the rest look
hundred thousand soul
Slick rick gold, row fun, hella cold
Yea we’re feeling like gold
So fresh head to toe
Ghost slowly faded, 14 carat plated
So we’re
When you blaze your own trails
You really don't have to follow
Free your mind, your soul is sure to follow
Live for to day now, forget about tomorrow
to follow (follow), free your mind (yeah), your soul is sure to
Follow (follow), live for today now, forget about tomorrow (tomorrow)

Twenty-four seven,
tried to be pros

Well I'm protein

And real live inserted inside rap and soul fiends

There's a million MC's in the world tonight

Who's not gettin' down
threats given by clowns
I guess livin' is prison when you live around clowns
I'm hexed cursed worse I been blessed first
I thought I was abnormal cause I
high, nigga
Best believe we get by, nigga
Best believe we get live, nigga

Hot damn hoe here we go again (Let's Go)
My God damn flow buries
Yo this is flavor for the non believes 
Sit back take a seat and don't forget to pass the weed 
And by the way this is all the way live
Hehehe, yeah, yo

DJ Pooh, he drink wit us
Ice-T, he drink wit us
Busta Rhymes, he drink wit us
De La Soul, they drink wit us
Tribe Called