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captured in his frame

The paddles of night are unfolding
A mermaid's map floats by on the rolling green
Japanese fishing float carries my soul out
Another gift from God.
Breathing deep religiously.
Splintering inside of me. 
Light speed.
Driven by its purity
Cloud nine,
that I'll end up like Ben, Wilson, still some pretend to be friends 
Beneath the grin I see the ?gin spoke up and assure a? 
More so than my soul, my
Twisting my body, bending my mind

Nothing is what it used to be
From an emptiness divine
Once lost in the immense void
Now a molten core deep
Here we go here we go here we here we yo
From the streets to beach
Flat lands to peace
To the freaks in the deeps drivin' by (beep beep)
To the heat
Fuck the punishment, tie weed
I gonna buy me a gun
Fuck doin' time

I live life High Speed
Slightly disillusioned by weed
I breed thug muthafuckas
Cause my soul is alive 
It's deeper than life 
Than life 

No time 
For real life 
You're heading 
For deep trouble 
Star tripping 
we go again, sexy in a twin-pack 
Straight from my eyes down to my back stacked 

You're under my control 
I got your heart and soul 
Go down
with the twist and you can blend
Put your eyes on the prize, we gonna take a ride
So deep in your soul you got tears in your eyes
You blinded by
The grand ultimate supreme, no extremedies
We use Tai Chi to deflect off our enemy
Five poisons, from the Clan there's no Remedy
We dispell the smell
my belly and set my soul free
Travel over ocean land and sea
Faced nuff stress and difficulty
Flung back from the brink
Gwan'ing kind of stink
The hunger take our spirit. Our wounds are deep and sore.
From where the sun now stands I shall fight no more."


They were sent to Oklahoma,
my belly and set my soul free
Travel over ocean land and sea
Faced nuff stress and difficulty
Flung back from the brink
Gwan'ing kind of stink
currents from
The volts of relentless punishment that multiplies
At a speed that the naked eye can't die-tect
The infantry, peep the weapon-try as I bomb
be obnoxious until I can't, breathe
And until, then, why'all can't, win
Luck's 12 on a scale from 1 to 10
And blew a spiral hydro and lots of gin
the planes, the creature is unmoved

By the commotion and the noise, and the blinding fork
Of lightening which strikes only a few yards from where
Lays it
Or say no more. Black stars can come and get me
Take it from Oprah Winfrey
Tell her she right on time
Kendrick Lamar, by far, realest Negus
You know what and we in that you know what I'm sayin?
And this how we handle business, nigga
From the early 80's to these 2 G's, boy
Huh, We blaze em
fathered the system
Organized block cinemas away from the prison
With souls, lost rows and so on
Fall victim to the streets and so much can go wrong
I'm feeling broken hearted, sad and lost in the valley 
You're the one to console me
Slowly ease the pain that I be feeling deep 
Within free me from
behavin' like they ought ta good
There lived a lil' boy who was misled
By anotha lil' boy and this is what he said
"Me, Ya, Ty, we gonna make sum cash
(THEM): The time hascome that we must protect our souls and the future of our kind by annihilating the infidels; it is our duty to the creator to cleanse
they ought ta good,
There lived a lil' boy who was misled,
By another little boy and this is what he said:
"Me & you tonight are gonna make some cash,
got to go 
See Juice and gin used to be my friend, from the begin 
And now i'm just a player sippin sauce, every now and then 
To catch a buzz like
sail from land
It's been ten years since I've crossed these shores
Don't know if I'll return
But if I keep my sails and liver wet
My soul ain't gonna