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I've been overtaken
By the tides of the moon
I'm swimming against
The tides of moon
You'll hear from me yet
I'll get to you soon

Savage cities
are you doin'?
Wearing your faith like a new tattoo
When friends and formers don't approve this
(Steelo pads will not remove this)

I cannot get you, I
colors I find my faith
Cause I remember every word that lady used to say

She said that hearts can't break themselves
Looking for something, leaving
'll be back on the bus
But I got faith in me and all new things I see
I just need a little good luck

Well I was getting down
Soon I'd have to leave
Wrapped up, so consumed by
All this hurt
If you ask me, don't
Know where to start

Anger, love, confusion
Rolls the gold nowhere
I know that
She's been dreaming 'bout him all day long
As soon as she gets home, it's him on the telephone
He asks her to dinner, she says,  "I'm not free"
I. The Healing Colors Of Sound, Part 1

II. My Shoes
[God says]
Melt the ice by summer
Turn the grass from green to gold
sabbatical, voice of the future, black radical
Keeping all the damages collateral

Listening to instrumentals
Thinking about all the things I
built up my defenses
When I'm left to my devices, time gets suspended
More than DMX's driver's license
My music's steady, not affected by the higher
just the same 
Traveling gets weary, you get funny in the head 
Stop right here instead 

Well, says I, I was only passing through 
I'd like to stop
want you
No smile on this block gives answers gets per curious
Good times disappears quickly back into a mist
Shoot I hardly ever miss
That means
(b. andersson, b. ulvæus)

Varför ska det vara så seriöst för, alltid?
Nä, I england
always needing/ Faith to get to shore and break/ All the vows I've made 

No time or presence / Of mind to wonder why/ No time for questions of/ Why I
the zone all by myself
I'm alone all by myself, I'm on my own
But homes I could set the tone myself
And make the track that I could rap on myself

I wrote
of the world when you're the only
One with the balls and your shorts
To leave them jaws on the floor with no re-
Morse, remember that when they get to doggin'
when they get to dogging you boy, homie
So y’all can just get to blogging about bologna, I’m not gonna stop
The saga continue, no stopping the force
Can it be I stayed away too long?
Did I leave your mind when I was gone?
Well it's not my thing trying to get back
But this time let me tell you
I shoot 12 rounds, now Jr. Jones Roy
Y'all so backwards, I don't do Backwoods, I'm a swisher man
8 in the mornin' you bouta get found by
Puerto Rico is where she come from
She asked me do I love her that recorded song
By si si si si bunoes bonita.
You wanna ever be mine stay on hip
1 for the money, 2 for the thugs
3 for the projects, 4 for the love
y'all gimme my rifle, we moving by bus
And if ya moving too fast they'll get
vegetation. Trust in the Lord and do good, then you will abide in the land and be nourished by faith. Delight in the Lord, and He will guard your desires
is soon to come

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Nothing to lose
Like one we'll stand
We'll face the storm
Created by a man

Roar roar roar
And people havin' a pop ain't nothin' new to me,
That's what used to go on usually
When I stay too long in one place,
Will I get this new face by many more
My compassion is so tragic on instrumentals when I toe jag it
Throw dirt on me? Then guard your face and stomach
Cause I'm swinging on you like ya
Aiyyo man, I don't ask for much
I just wanna chill at home and sip my drink out of my plastic cups
Even though my roommate have me mad as fuck
Nigga be