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the show
I'm going to do you a brand new song
That I wrote yesterday called San Quentin

I'd like to ask my wife, June Carter, come back
Come here June

Baby that you figure it out
As you keep chasing the light

Remember hearing Dylan's first songs first
Remember writing down a train wreck verse
We were
this song
Recycling bottles from the parties we've thrown
Stop giving me sticks, start throwing me bones
'Cause I may not be buff but I sure am strong
fist up prove them wrong
Don't lose the words to the song
Cause its a long way down
I guess you know that by now

But if you hold on
Well I will
or maybe in my yesteryears hanging out in the halls. We've got the rhythm wrong It sounds just like a Phish song. "Please her with a tweezer, I'll stick it
Back to yesterday
Let's go back to yesterday
Let's go back to yesterday

True Love
True Love is counted by the health, well-being
And happiness
The resident evil specialize in misconstruing 
We want to be at a presidential level what are we doing? 
Foolin ourself clownin ourself playin ourself 
By not
all figured out
Living in doubt and proud of it with this gun in his mouth)
See I'm all like optimism, I'ma give 'em a reason to hate me
itself through me and I make history
So I don't turn around no more
I look at whats in front of me
I'm focused on the future cause yesterday is history
one  bring you tool 

That nigga stick you and play dumb  hate a bitch ass 

Who care where you came from  you ain't prepared 

for when the pain
As I open my eyes unto a new day
I see the same old shit that I was face to face with yesterday
It's all the same and I can't change time
a special tone
For they boo when they call they phone
I ain't tryin to ask 21 questions
All I'm tryin to figure out is what's my song
Is it love by keyshia
smelled a little like Courtney Love 
I figure if I stick him with a fork he's done 
So I stabbed him twice, kept jabbin', Christ 
He won't die, this guy's
Sample (Scratched by Chief Xcel):

Now you, who ever you are, 
as you're listening to what I'm going to say, 
will probably not want to believe what
getting sicker here's the kicker fuck your Advisory Sticker
I'm advise to stick 'this CD made by Seagram's Liquor'

[Chorus - Princess Superstar]
the west
Heard they gotta couple banks in town that ain't been held up yet
Well uh, I oughta make it by sundown
I figure that's enough time to get tha
smelled a little like Courtney Love 
I figure if I stick him with a fork he's done 
So I stabbed him twice, kept jabbin', Christ 
He won't die, this
Much Information
Stick to the movies instead
Too Much Information
What an annoying song
Too Much Information
Even the ending's too long
I could have made
Ah man sad, sad song
Yo word Polo, broken heart ain't no joke, man

Yo, why don't you really tell
Them how you feel about it, man

Love is pain
have never guessed it was
So my discography is all full of hand-me-downs
I couldn't figure out another way to dress it up
So every verse spiked with
the maze
Then joy turned to pain like Frankie Beverly and Maze
Used to dream of being Unsigned Hype
'til I was crushed by Dave Mays, almost let my pen fall
uh, I ought to make it by sundown,
I figure that's enough time for me to get the whole rundown,
So I continue my mission, it's gettin' dark
So now I'm
let nobody take me down (Nobody taught me)
Can't let nobody break me down... Me down (Break me down)
(I had to figure this thing out by myself)
niggas couldn't stick it
Forget it, you regret you ever stepped to this man, so bet
I recollect, a-mic-checka 1-2 and what you're thinkin'?
I want
friction when I flex up the jaw to hit the joint 

That can actually give a blood mob like Gotti 
Like the body cool  keep the strap up by the naughties