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Uncle Earl - My Little Carpenter

I'll tell to you a new song, 'tis lately been made

Of a little carpenter who courted a fair maid

He courted
timepiece will make it all right
Sing songs of the mountains, Cowboy's Delight

By Bob Carpenter and David Holster
the one you'd find, when you leave this world behind
If you'd only take the time"


He was just a carpenter by trade
He learned from his
Like a madman I'm up in the morning,
headin' for the walls of heartache.
Working everyday, bringing home a/the pail of heartbreak.

You look down
I heard the rocks crying out 
I heard the rocks crying out 

Be praised for all Your tenderness by these works of Your hands 
Suns that rise
is my song, listen if you will 
But I have no heart for it anymore 
I just have half a mind to cut it loose 
And if it sails off into the blue

"I can't come in and I can't sit down,
"For I've only a moment's time.
"They say you're married to a house carpenter,
"And your heart will
and I can't sit down
For I've only a moments time
They say you're married to a house carpenter
And your heart will never be mine
I could have married
Let us now praise a carpenter and the things that he made
And the way that he lived by the tools of his trade
I can still hear his hammer singing
shiverprone proven shimmerproof even christ carpenter bulit crosses and judas braved himself able to betray for only love i don't want you to do anything you

"When will you forsake your house carpenter
And a-go along with a me
I will take you to where the grass grows green
On the banks of the River
might parted be
And parted be for long
Before IÂ'm old with wandering
By the high roads and the low
IÂ'll steal his hammer and his nails
Till he can build
It's a lonely cup of coffee
'Cause my baby's gone
Someone has to work
I know that's true

Carpenters bring ladders
I bring love to you
watch neighbors cause he's coming back this way
Waiting for the day of his returning he's right waiting for the dew to hit the ground
You'll never know
and we've made our lists 
Have you ever been haunted by the little shaking fists?
It's some missionary complex that keeps me testifying 
It's time we steal
mimms. haunted by the cancer that crept in and took them. catherine (repeat). breaking bread in the market and filling your pockets with crumbs for
Did You know Your wounds would one day heal the world?

For just one moment, I wish I could have seen You growing
Learning the ways of a carpenter's son
the books for the shills that grease the skids.
Irony oh irony, you are a bitter fruit to eat.

Stripped of all your beauty your flesh is none too sweet.
a wandering journeymanAnd he traveled far and wideAnd he noticed how wealth and povertyLive always side by sideLive always side by sideSo he said "Come you
congresswoman or a garbage woman
Or police officer or a carpenter
I could be a doctor and a lawyer
And a mother an good girl
Women what you've done to me,
officer, or a carpenter
I can be doctor and a lawyer and a mother, and a good goddess
Woman, what you done to me, good lover I can be
I can be a computer
of a carpenter's son 
Just a little boy gazing at the stars 
Did you remember creating every one 
If you passed by would I see a child or a king 
Or would I have
And our spirit's almost gone
The Devil take the cavalry
That sold us for a song

There's Chi-Chi's on the starboard, lads
And Chi-Chi's in the stern
a Congress woman or a garbage woman
A police officer or a carpenter
I can be doctor and a lawyer and a mother and a good goddess
Woman, what you done to me?
the sight of my Golgatha
The gallows enlightened by the moon
Proud of his art are the carpenter
His creation a tool for my doom

I am the outcast no