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the Old Quarter's had Townes Van Zandt for five nights
We have him for one more night and we're glad to have him here tonight.
Townes Van Zandt.
By Townes Van Zandt
I'll play upon my violin
Until the mountains ring
Of lonely laughter blindly thrown
And cause an endless sark of strings
answers don't seem easy
and I'm wonderin'
if they could be 
Townes Van Zandt Lyrics
Townes Van Zandt High, Low and In Between Lyrics
tight-rope-walker who called herself the queen of Poughkeepsie
Who ran away from the circus with some roustabout redneck gypsy
They were Townes Van Zandt fans
hat and silver skates 
Jugglin' three collection plates Jesus Christ 

Townes Van Zandt standin' at the bar 
Skinnin' a Hollywood movie star 
Life without Susanna started when Townes Van Zandt died
From that day on she hid out undercover
Her Percocet and cigarette along for the ride
by Townes Van Zandt

Well, I ain't very big for twentyone
and it seems I never could have any good clean fun
cause every time I'd go outside some
half alright
Sitting on the porch playing Townes Van Zandt play guitar to burn off the hours
Till we climb the fences at the edge of town and paint our
at least half alright 
Sitting on the porch playing Townes Van Zandt play guitar to burn off the hours 
'Til we climb the fences at the edge of town
joined a hippie band 
He was directed by gus van zandt 
We'd like to think he'd have joined the smartipantz 
Co-starred with flea and keanu 
We didn't know
Zandt's songs
Something about Mudd and Gold a-gamblin'

But I'm still walking down the lost highway
Doing what it takes to make my way
Knowing that I got
Townes Van Zandt, he died to soon
But now he's up there with Hank 
And they're both fightin' the Nashville Blues

Well the songwriting's left
on Friday
You buys a little something for yourself

And the van that comes around weekends
Selling fancy city things
Sold by the man in the trilby hat
A song ease your lonely
Let my words take your hand
Let me kiss your rose pedals for you and golden van
Let me point out the birds that fly only
woke up and got wise
I ain't gonna be, ain't gonna be no fool no more
Now Van, now Van
Ain't gonna be nobody's body's fool no more
Sing the song Van
again, yeah
Destination: Nowhere Near

I sit in my room and play
a punk rock song on my folk guitar
Remember when the van broke down
and our shit
Combat boots and a scratched up record
Signed by the hero of long ago
A pair of vans and some torn up blue jeans
This is his world, that's what he
Under some dirty words on a dirty wall
Eating takeout by myself
I played the shows
Got back in the van and put the Walkman on
And you were
lipstick traces on her mug. 
We watched each other closely 
She looks like Bela Lugosi, 
She asked me for a ride home 
I felt around for my comb, 
And in
down to San Antone.
Long as we're back by sunrise,
We can make us a memory of Nashville tonight.

And then I'll write you a song.
You might hear it
He woke up in the back of the van
Five in the mornin'
With the rest of the band
Waitin' for sunrise
He picked up his old guitar

With five
And computer terminals report some gains
On the values of copper and tin
While American businessmen snap up Van Goghs
For the price of a hospital wing
sticks to my shirt.
Eight people in a stinky van,
A couple more couldn't hurt.
Eat some food off the floor.
I've developed a taste for bread mold.
I don?t mind working
I don?t mind drinking
When I need to unwind
And I like listening to a
Country song on a Friday night

I?m a welder in the shop
Lisdoon, Lisdoon, Lisdoonvarna!

The multitudes, they flocked and thronged,
To hear the music and the songs.
Motorbikes and Hi-ace vans,
With bottles -