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birds from my crew and make Erykah Badu my "Bag Lady"
You that crazy? Squeeze, I know you ain't spitting shells
Your hand shake so much it shows up
Something is eating me alive from the inside out.

Well that's grief of your loss.

Don't tell me what it is.
He was born one mornin'
It was cold and it was snowin'
And from the start he never had a chance
And though the doctors said he couldn't live
heart (city rhythm) is torn apart (oo)
By the love I wish I had
Well, I spend my (city rhythm) nights in the city's lights (oo)
And things don't seem so
a mother somewhere crying this evening
The doctor told her that she could not conceive and
She's miscarried 6 times upon Stephen
That's her husband's name
Yeah.. yo.. c'mon
Ride wit me, lemme take you somewhere

My father was a soldier, my mother was a rider
I was born wit my fists balled up, I'ma
my heart
Oh, I wanna try a brand new start
I don't wanna a doctor for my heart
Oh, I wanna a commander of my love

I don't wanna a doctor for my
to agree, niggas don't love us
Niggas don't want us, niggas don't trust us, niggas can't touch us!
My life that's on paper? That's the shit that I publish
She came home from the doctor with news I've been wanting
Says family was incoming, she's pregnant, twins coming
But that's gotta be a lie