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Tommy mars (keyboards)
Arthur barrow (bass)
Ed mann (percussion)
David ocker (clarinet, bass clarinet)
Motorhead sherwood (tenor saxophone, vocals)
get the chance,they gon' hurt you
They be counting your pockets, you can tell by they comments
Incident with my car, my nigga wanted to drive it
somehow somewhere someplace sometime
You gotta go back down the road you leave behind

Stuck out on the highway one night
Many years gone by
Had the hood
There's a melody that passes through this town

Words and Music by David Mallett
(By Tracey Bryn & David Motion)
(in loving memory of Marlon, 1958 - 1993)

There is somewhere in the sun where we can run all day
And when it's warm
But I don't turn my head for things that pass me by
And I'm gonna have a look around 
I could gather all the diamonds in the sky
Hold every one
in Sun City 
A bit of a hot potato in a moment, eh Fred, in South Africa? 
Well I'm sure there's a video in there somewhere 

David Bowie,
The Terminal Tavern
By David Wilcox
Ah, what a beautiful place.
It is so lush and quiet in these walls.
It's a place where the sound really stands
again, I've been born again
In His spirit, and His name
I'm sanctified!
Lord I testify
He's right by my side
I believe it be
His word is so clear to me
like you talk it (we got the hot girls dipping)

Hey, get off my dick, Hollygroove Weezy
Young money billionaire, Hermes winter ware
I'm trying
this urban drama
Every day our sons and daughters are led to the slaughter
Indoctrinated by a complacent social order

Decapitated they’re trying
conjurance up of his little cauldrom of doom! now check it on out now

Somewhere, over there, I can tell,
I guess so
There's the voice of
A potato-headed
that's when I am tempted by the waters

Like a sheeplet, tossed upon the ocean (copyright this line to david hasselhoff)
Then it gets out, swimming in
of drought
Bury me near king david
Somewhere in the oasis
Fill my body with godly fragrance
May I sleep with the ancient
Feed my flesh to the ravens
co-log- nuh directly into de duo-deenum of de unsuspecting victim! now he gone see if he immune to it by e
A dab hisseff!


Flies all green an'
Mouth the words to deny, deny the symptoms, as 'oh yeah I'm doing fine', as I've found a most endearing psychosis.
Somewhere out there there's
This country has been surprised by the way the world looks now.  They don't know if they want to be Matt Dillon or Bob Dylan.  They don't know if they