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a little farther down the track
He said I'm your man I wouldn't do you wrong
Well Frankie curled up on the sofa thinkin' about her man
Far away
farther down the track
He said "I'm your man I wouldn't do you wrong"

Well Frankie curled up on the sofa thinkin' about her man
Far away the couples were
My name is Joe Roberts I work for the State 
I'm a sergeant out on Perenville barracks No 8 
I've always done an honest job honest as I could 
Yeah I don't think that I'm complaining
Sometimes it keeps on raining
Oh but don't be frightened by thunder and lightning
The sun comes out
Like Magellan we was over by my man catchin' paper.
Frankie on the cubes. And fisty on the sabre I
Was on the mix mad drinkin that is when I found

And sometimes when I'm all alone, 
I pretend that I can fly. 
And I touch all the clouds and 
I wave to the birdies as they pass by. 

enough keeping gas in the car

But sometimes we ride around
She plays the radio up load
If I was sad, well, I'm happy now

[Chorus: x2]

know this will pass by and by

I made some coffee
And I overheard the neighbors too
Sometimes they laugh sometimes they scream
It all reminds me
Penqueno Juan
Frankie J
Mamita, why we gotta keep going through this?
Talk to her, Frankie

Just yesterday you said you loved me
What day is this so I can sing
The kind of day you start recycling
You feel so good you could explode
Or stand around out by the road

Think I'll raise a little cain
I'm an orphan now and I'm only passing through

passing through, passing through
Sometimes happy, sometimes blue
Well I felt like I was born today
So I took it upon me to go away
To gather my thoughts and go away
Where I could (be used by) somebody

I'm happy you're moving so fast
But will it ever last 
I know you wanna break free
From this monotony
I'm happy you're coming with me
But by choice
don't care if it's happy
I'm just happy it is there

Wishing I had sometimes
Been more in the way
Of myself being paralyzed
From the look on your
A man can be happy without money but he must have some love in his life
I've lost you and now I'm so lonely lonely cause no love have I
I'd trade
A man can be happy without money,
But he must have some love in his life.
I've lost you and now I'm so lonely,
Lonely, 'cause no love have I.
Ah already fo sho fo sho
That boy frankie j hmmm
Happy p you sick for this dog 
Baby bash 

Girl I've got to know
Girl I've got to know
Fo sho
Someday I'll write a book
About how long it took to break away
Surrounded by the pain
I'm numb with Novocaine I cannot think

Sometimes I
[Frankie J]
Just yesterday you said you loved me
That there was nobody else above me
That I was yours and you were mine
But the words don't image
Well you know I'm really bad at writing letters
You know I'm not much better with the phone
Day after day goes by and I still think of you
'Cause I
I've been locked in your jailhouse
Oh, but I'm getting by
Just hoping that heaven
Is happy and high
And everyone's running
On rock and roll time
Can you tell?

I'm happy, can't you see?
I'm all right, but I miss you, Amber lee

And I lined my secrets up all one by one
I put em all away when I was
Walking slow down the avenue
Through my old neighborhood
Don't know why I'm happy
I've got no reason to feel this good
Maybe it's because I'm all
and down
My new job is going great, I'm headed for the top
I should be happy but somehow I'm not
Sometimes I think the devil has got me by the sleeve
a happy home

Feels more like a haunted house

Haunted by the sounds of broken hearts

Rattlin off the chain of broken vows

It sends a chill through my