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You've gotten use to
No one to hold you
Maybe you're good at all alone
You ain't pretending
You're some helpless princess
And you ain't waiting
[something buried in intro about 20 seconds in]:"can't believe he's gotten it all sorted?"

Never in fear

Redder roar flare
Follow round

Lock 'em
The art of gone, and heart of stone, and own's worst enemy

Intellect shapeshifta, God's gift a Soul slippa
Hone in on clones and blow them out of my zone
(Mr. Gene Poole)
Lovin' this sound comin out to yo system

I spark to get y'all off to a good start. Show me some heart, walk through my hood after
of substance
The systems lacking some ism
Since it's killing the misery
Hope my children remember me
Since I sing songs of symphony
Somethings just gotten
a woman

I put on my pants (like a man)
I even take out the trash (like a man)
I'm tough but I'm bruised
But I've gotten used to
Taking abuse (like
burnin heaters if you cheat us
dudes workin the slugs
And get the sex baby 'cause I'm addicted to fame
You make me bust just by screamin my name
and when I
alotta hearts
And I ain't mentionin' names
A playa'
Too many games played
Has gotten me a tired man
And your rejection means
Delayin' my retirement