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And I watched a thousand people go home from work, yeah

Hangin' on the corner of 52nd and Broadway
Cars passin' by but none of them seem to go my
Hangin' out with Lars down on 6th street
He knew I was in trouble
I was feeling much like the devil
There was something burnin' deep inside of me
the eye
52nd enterprise, marchin' in these chucks like they boots
Money make a pussy get the juice
Money make the copper give a pass
Money make me cop
stayed at 52nd street so that's what all these niggas thought
Cause they was from hilltop, where niggas pill pop
So I'm pulling up to the chill spot with
might off him, no them boys on Figg don't play
Most my life on 51st, went to school on 52nd
Used to fight on 49th, Grandma said be home by night
But her
On the streets that go by number
Still can't figure out how to get home
There is no life lines, only dead lines
Sure picked a fine time to be born
When the night comes

The streets of Paris 
They've got something
I love the atmosphere
In spring
Soul kissing by the stony
Banks of the Seine
country, folk and southern rock
It's a little piece of paradise way out here in the woods
There's always something going on down in the trailerhood

to contend
With the fact that I ain't going nowhere
If I don't get out of here
I need a change of luck and a pick-me-up
Something more than the bars
The hipster, the prince and the clown.
They come ?cause they know that
Something?s going down?
On the streets of New York.

The streets of New York
Two men on the street
Drinking something cheap
No home, no family
It's cold, nowhere to sleep
Passers-by never catch their eye
Anywhere, one man
Tell us just how long it's going to take
For it to trickle down
When will it trickle down?

Hey, he's on the street
Laying in the snow and sleet
with the tar on the street,
And the weight of my feet the sweat on my face
Wanting first place for than you can understand

Going around in circles
the valleys
In through the streets
Feel the whole world moving
Underneath our feet
Something's going on
I said what is going wrong

I feel them coming
It only causes further pain
You realize that all along
Something in us going wrong

You stop dancing
Is it me, for a moment (for a moment, for
Vikki turn your back on me
Come on darlin' just for me
'Cause there is something so appealin',
That your eyes are not revealin'!
Oh, Miss
Now life is gone and skipped a beat
Tell me where are all the dancing feet, yeah
Boy I tell you there's always something going on
Tell me why can't
But only causes further pain
You realize that all along
Something in us going wrong.

You stop dancing.
heavy love
Someone's got to share in the load
Here it comes, that heavy love
I'm never going to move it alone

I was dressed in white, touched by
I went home for Christmas
To the house that I grew up in
Going back was something after all these years
I drove down Monterey Street
And felt
Something's going on, a change is taking place
Children smiling in the street have gone without a trace
This street used to be full, it used
good looking, he's got it all there
He looks like God made him with something to spare
You look good together, scurrying off down the street

Has he got
is burning, baby, something's in flames
There's a man going 'round calling names
Ring when you're ready, baby, I'm waiting for you
I believe in
meant to meet
And then we meet
Who knows why
One more stranger on the street
Just someone sweet passin' by
An angel come to save me
Who didn't even
As I sit here by my window
And I'm looking on the street
I see something so unpleasing
I'm wondering how could we let this be
Is it too late