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You don't want to play by the rules
(you don't want to play by the rules)

I don't have a lot of patience
When someone's lit my fuse
So don't
of golden sun when you walked by my side
And everything that you gave to me can never be denied

And sometimes the other shore is so far away
I don't want you to know

(La la la la la la la la)
(La la la la la la la la)
(La la la la la la la la)

In this chamber
Lit by scandal
the rush of our breathing there is always passing time
There is always somebody leaving and someone's always left behind
But something endures in
When honesty lit up that room 
So I stole the pillowcase to clean
This mess I've made of someones dream.
Now you've seen what I've done,

Blurry eyes half bent and I can't take you sober
Tricking off the rotting strip that we've been trudging under
We ducked into a dim lit room out
bit here for you
But I'm willing to wait
I'm willing to wait

Day time is no longer the hours spent
Lit by sunlight ?? the hours to obsess
the difference, they know better than to smoke with ya
Back up a lit, bitch you’ll get the whole picture
So much sicker than them niggas
I’m coughin, they just
I'm being followed home,
I'm being followed home,
I don't know what for, 
I don't know by whom.
The smell of your dress,
A face in the rain,
heart on this very day and I can't let you walk away

[Verse 2:]
It took me by surprise lit up my eyes like a child with a brand new toy 
I never had

Someone wants to watch by the side of Alena Stores
In the doorway, in the rain
Did he 
See us?
Do you care?
Pull the night-time tight around
of rotten woods
In the mud, aren't you afraid?"

[Solo: Jarpen]

Hidden by the clouds
A pallid sun on a November day
An expedition organised
To go and see
let me be
I'm an example of a candle lit life
with electric relaxation, brain trampled by devotion
to remote control channel changin
something provoked
Of why folks do the things they do
Or why people act so brand new?
I had wings on flying outta prison with a ratchet
Was only there 'cause someone snitched
A forty ounce for breakfast gets a brother through the day 
I guess I shoulda had a V8 instead; anyway 
Let me contemplate my thought something