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with these hi-deas

I took a puff puff pass, before I finished touching up the track
Now my minds racing in circles and running laps
Trying to figure
pack ya track and do 5 flat in your Dodge son
Now let my canine backtrack the copy-cat
Your night life is up, so what you had, you gotta sound track
Still running, bound to build something
Even though we all surrounding by hills crumbling
Lil young'n, we kill assumption
Come hit us up, you wanna
The hammer don't hurt 'em days are over
These are the days of the payback, payback
I'm up on the hill lookin' down
Biggidy phat rap track number one pound for
Pointer came to reign and say something
Eddie Hayes stays a little ways from me
the west side combination is legendary
home studios, cause by any means
thang, and you my hot thang, and you my hot thang, word
Let me take you by the hand you need to try your man to fight and dance and have your gruopie
that sound
They run for cover in the shelter now (Y-O)

There's not enough ways to say Jesus
So I flipped it
Got Thousand Foot Krutch on the track
write a play, make a movie

Hey, hey, hey, hey, special dedication

Good love, you a sexy thing
And all I'm sayin' is you got something I like
Love that
jams by popular demand, I'm back

I control the crowd, you know I hold it down
When it drop you know it's jiggy when you hear the sound
Invading your body like your plastic
Running flip, you be tested
Give me the sexy glancing, private dances
Dirty questions and nasty answers
Pull up your
"fuckoff". You can, you can.
When I did the vocal I tried to cover it up by going "Oh no", but in the
Background you still hear it "fuckoff". And it's even
80 bars, 80 scars
Yo, engineer turn me up, yo

I started off in the underground
From mono to stereo, now I'm surround sound
Blowing through your
[Verse 1: Jason Fox] 
I Get It Rocking Like A Boat When I Go Fishing.. 
A Yo Listen I'm The General And Tso Chicken. 
(Jason Fox) You Can Tell By
[Verse 1: Jason Fox] 
I Get It Rocking Like A Boat When I Go Fishing.. 
A Yo Listen I'm The General And Tso Chicken. 
(Jason Fox) You Can Tell By
ass sound
Up and coming artist's got identity crisis
Cause whenever you you the labels turn you away
But when you me you think of a way
To cast
down, dope beat, polite sound
Dump, you heard it through the track in the speed bump
You need somethin to rush off, here take this poem
Inject it in ya
Verse 1:
Check it, I catch more heat than a histitic jew
You catch two thumbs down like a Matty Rich movie review
Your individuality is missing like
Yo man, that don't even sound like AMG, man quit bullshitting.
Man, that nigga be perpin' like he a pimp and shit, you know what I'm saying 
But if
on the engineering
Tip, my man dj premier from gangstarr...we're gonna kick this off
Something funky for this track, know what I'm saying?

Now when it comes