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And see where we go from there
We gotta fight for what we believe in
'Cause there’s something in the air

And it’s a brand new day, that's right
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Jeremiah 1:5, Acts 17:25

It could have gone either way when it came down to the choice
To keep the life
You can (you can)
Hear this (hear this)
Oh, just give me (give me)
Something, something to believe in

You spend your days alone still hopin'
[Repeat: x10]
Your messiah was never mine


Weeping rose of Jeremiah
Drops of blood drip off your petals
Representing all our
on now
To the eyes of a dark, lost blue

I don't believe you
I'm in a parachute
Falling in deep
Out of control
Can you feel it?
Is this the end
without a parachute
And girl, I'm falling, I'm falling into you

And she's like joyriding in a '57 coupé
She's like two-stepping in my favorite pair
the gravedigger
Jeremiah had worked here for years
Already had one foot in the grave
With my help we got in the other
I can't believe, he wasn't stronger
wake up fine in a place I love by myself
Yeah, it took some time, but at least I'm clear out of hell
I feel it coming on

I parachute alone
There's just one parachute
Goodbye Erica now I see
That my worst fears were in tune

It's not who you were
It's who you are
And we've come this far
to hear a song that makes me believe in something
I want to hear a song that makes me believe something
I want to hear a song that makes me believe
the scripture on the subway wall
He wants to be a rebel but he can't find a cause.

He needs something to believe in
He needs something to believe in
All he
and the beers

I need something to believe in
Something to look forward to
Something to believe in
Cause I got a bad case of the blues
Something to believe
my parachute won’t let me fly
I’ll survive 'cause we got love
Summer days will fade away and pass us by
But we’ll survive 'cause we got love
Died in the world, you've been cornered by a natural desire
You want to hop along with the giddy throng through life
But how will you learn
Last night I had a dream that the world was changin'
Changin' by leaps and bounds
It started up in the bigger cities
And it's spread to the smaller
enter in His courts
I got to give Him praise
I ain't worried bout a thang
Cause I'm walking in faith
Move mountains with my mouth
I believe what I
the cut

24 for every year that we have slept
Day by day into the neck of the abyss
And I am 24 today I don't believe I'll sit
Through another year
The big problem is the main attraction
Dominoes are falling in a chain reaction
The scraping subject ruled by fear told me
Whiskey works better
of pride
And just knowing that your in this world, 
Makes that something come alive

I just wanna believe
I just wanna believe
I just wanna believe
believe in 'cause there's somethin' in the air

It's a brand new day-ay, brand new way-ay
Yeah, it's a brand new day-ay, brand new way-ay, Hi-ya there,
Did I burn each last bit of myself
Did I turn my back on the kid in myself
And tear the oldest root
In a charlatan's pursuit
And the world
This is your warn, warning
Come again in a rugged style
Born in babylon but raised by Jah
Modern school system inferior
In the east, come hail lion
I believe in you and me
You know this is the way it's meant to be
We got something
Yeah we got something

I believe in me and you
We know just
And give me something to believe in, oh Lord

Sometimes I wish to God
I didn't know now
The things I didn't know then
Road you gotta take me home

I drive by
I'm not sure.
I'm not sure what I would do,
I'm not sure if even matters
Because I know wherever she is
She's got something stuck up in her ass