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Cause yo girl broke my heart in half
Now I'm singing 'bout heartbreak
And now I'm singing 'bout love lost
on karaokes, Too Short – “Something 2 Ride 2”
A boss DR660, a borrowed mic fool
Tascam for tracin', ‘I'm Unfadeable'
If you relate with this rappin then you
I wanna thank DTP, its good
What's up Ludacris
Yes, and I also wanna say
you know, my record company slot-a-lot
we bout to be dropping alot u
children, how was school?
It was good, how bout you?
I love you (I love you son)
I love mama too
Are you ready for dinner? I’m able to set the table
Till I
down on the flo' on the flo' [2x]

By the time I hit the door
I saw hoes on the flo'
Niggas dressed in suits
Triicking all dey hoes
Me Imma pimp
And make all your wishes come true (wave my hand), 
Way by my eyes there goes your clothes, 
There something I want you to know (yeah), 

I can do magic,
you something
You ain't even got a clue 'bout the shit that's coming
You don't wanna be the dude in five years like
"The fuck, I dissed that
niggas that rock a Audi proudly
One thing bout me doubt me, bounty Saudi shout me
I'm sprayin it well, I'm playin' the sell, 
Fifty mill like David
thing bout me doubt me, bounty Saudi shout me
I'm sprayin it well, I'm playin the sell, 50 mill like David Chappelle
My paper propel, won't lay in a cell,
my heart change 'cause as everyday goes by 
I start to realize who my friends are
If your one of them, prove it
Fix up

Couldn't get along today