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Michael mcdonald/paul anka

No more goodbyes
Or waitin' for some lucky day
No driftin' along
No walkin' away
What I feel inside
Ain't some idle game
copied your singing style from?
John: What about my book?
Alan: John, go away.
John: What about my...
Paul: Used to be sort of influenced by Elvis in
Stay tight upon the couch with blankets close around your shoulders
So Paul
There won't be cause for you to stir

My Paul
There's something in your
your life a breeze, [...]
  But you better do something Paul before it kills you, yeah
  Paul, you've got to make up your mind
Paul; Paul Stark? A local god. A man who knows about all these things.

He knows everything.

Mmm-hmm. How did you come up with the name Soul Asylum?
Farewell Till Summer

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "It's About Time"

Summer sky
The sun and clouds drift by
The ocean
day? Do
You have a little something holy you'd like to say? Something about a magic,
Sacred, holy day. You look holy and humble on your knees, but it
You've got a certain something about you
And I've got a past I want to leave behind
It's been a long, long time since I met someone
Who made me happy

He was a Cumberland Presbyterian
He went up to meet his maker in '91
Sometimes when I talk about him I get sad
You see Paul brown petty was my
This one is a short rendition in which me and pianist mate of mine
By the name of Prince Paul I shall not relieve, I mean reveal, my
of mine
(June and Daffy)
And they've got something
(Jean and Jim)
You don't often find
(And Jim and Christine)

Joyce and Terry
Paul and Molly
The more I was around her
The more I wanted to be
There was something about her
That brought out a good side of me

I went into town,I brought a new
Real Or Imagined

Words & Music by Erika Paul
From the cd entitled, "Expressions Of Love"

Real Or Imagined
Is your love for me
soft Fred, my record player

Began to do the two step
Side by side my prize antique
And before you know it there they were
Engaging cheek to cheek
And give up the fight
'Cause trouble had been Paul's middle name
Ever since he'd been captured by God's blinding light
But just when his hope should be
an idea about
How I want to end the show
So page me when you get this message, fucker
Oh and by the way and no I don't have a new gun
God dammit
sign it S.O.S.
Hear me crying in the wilderness
I hope my signal's clear just like Paul Revere
Something's coming, it could mean life or death

Looking gentlemen who goes by the name of mr.
Paul Crusoe, on the dodgy subject of are there
Or are there not flying saucers or... ahem, UFO's.
something Paul said
About keeping the fruit in the spirit from the chorus down to the hook
And sometimes I wonder what in God's name did I do to deserve you
do not know this man he is no friend of mine. Paul stood by as Stephen died and showed no remorse. Beat down till he was dead. Paul, what a wretched
Looking gentlemen who goes by the name of mr.
Paul Crusoe, on the dodgy subject of are there
Or are there not flying saucers or... ahem, UFO's.
Raining In My Heart

All the sad songs take me back to you now that we are apart.
Now I know how Paul McCartney felt when he got up to say:
I wish it
Sit with me awhile
Let me tell you about a part of our country
At the place Stony Gut back in 1865
Lived a man Paul Bogle who was everything
On our trip to England I noticed something obscene
People still actually give a shit about the Queen
Though London girls aren't snobs at all
lot boppin'
They see me in the Jag, acting bad with T Ferris
Open mouth and showcase ice, and you gon' see about 20 karats
I'm what they do, you