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Wanders aimlessly
In the dead of night
Beware of darkness - It can kill you
Beware of darkness - It can cut you down
Beware of darkness

Note about
the real version of life then don't get so sensitive
When I say something a little bit raw
I jot my thoughts and they call it negative
You wanna know
Prescribed me a publicist and pointed to the door
"Out!" Ouch, I'm telling you this all from a therapist's couch
"Tell me about your mother? What
something about her brain
If should put her mind to it she can suck out a vain
You don't want to let showers, stay the fuck out the rain
There's so much
the music just for you
So you can do the extra crazy Biz Mark dance too
Or even do the dance made up by yourself
As long as you're in good phy-sical health
niggers with me on a,
So I recommend your fagot ass to walk by, we movin' money
Touch the sky the, the more about the might dollar
Let's keep it real, ya
Combined versions from Norman Blake and Doc Watson

A group of jolly cowboys discussing plans at ease
Said one I'll tell you something, boys, if you
So many different versions of a word that's been distorted
Twisted into something that it's not
Yeah love's just an expression, 
No I don't think
shawty something to keep
she like riding luxury peep all the fuckery, shawty a female version of me

I count the money, you count it too
'Cause you

TWO versions"

Verse 2:  Brother Marquis
The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech
So what you sayin'?  It didn't include me?
I like to party
has not stickered my album, I made
TWO versions"
Verse 2: Brother Marquis
The First Amendment gave us freedom of speech
So what you sayin'? It
 I hear that he got back from France
 And frightened three nuns in a train in Darjeeling
 By stripping and waving his lance!
 D'you remember

No one ever thought about it
No one had the will to wonder why
Only you refused to die
Now there is no isolation
Keeping the experience
Ah-yo, can you feel it?
I know that everybody's heard of that (Vapors)
But this is the 98 version of that
Biz Mark, one of the founders of this art
smell the venom on their breath


Alright now, I'm about to break the hypnytis down
It's characterized by a certain type
fighting was useful for getting your way,
Among the toughs of the town where you could hold sway,
There had to be something that was better than this,
[Featuring GangStarr] 


the life you is walking through 

such a bitch 

day in to day out the same old thing kid 

[Verse 1
Phoenix enemies,
Haters wanna stop em,
And I really wanna pop em,
But it's hard to fight back,
When you got an album droppin,
Connect, We in south
up pass the blunt
Smoke sum, after this go and poke some
Um excuse me warren I got something about substance abuse
Roll a half ounce up jump in my
of the Flavor Unit
And we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you

I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat
Take that ass
is just the guy to lead a crew
Right up to your face and diss you
Everyone saw me on the last album cover
Holding a pistol something far from
of these rebels could level the marked city but the N.Y. uber alles governor's picky. I'll be the jenky Jesus for the species you bleed with. Ultra. Soldier
leave with something so small and unsure like I didn't love you anymore
But you
Pushed me to a level of insanity, I know
Now, all I ask
Is if I ever
Curtains Up (Encore Version)

Still on?
Yo, is the mic on?
Check, check, check
Alright, let's do it
Let's go, come
and never dine alone, meanwhile back at sea level it was home by home zone for zone, bloom county's homeless riot for home ownership, I hope you put gas in