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He was a by-stander
Not that dude, he was cool
We die random
Too many gone that I grew up with
Prolly would've changed my life if I knew that shit
ain't really understand 'till I turned seven
Every year that go by
I try to understand why (I understand why)
Everytime someone born, somebody gotta
It takes guts and a gun, just like in bud dwyer's lil' surprise. a defect, no one'll ever see it coming. I'm indulging myself in a strategic advance
Gone in the club on the vod-ka-ka
Trying to get lil' momma in the car-ar-ar
I heard a gun pop like "pa-pa-pa"
Someone hit us with a choppa like
wonder I get speared by my peers, yeah I'm a target
It used to take a nation of millions for niggas not to be
Amerikkka's Most gave America hope
Back when
[Lil' Romeo]
I want to ask you one question You want to be my Juliet
or other words we could just be friends lala lala lalalaaa (girl)
Mary had
the back
Now its murder, armed robbery, but the money's looking good
So we had to get lil bitch cause she knew us from the hood
So meet me later on so we can
New Jersey's Finest
It's all on me

We can go have fun, make it back by one
We can do whatever you want to do
We can go
the woods
With Nic and Nappy Roots and blazin' that good good
Lord I'ma tell you we're doin' it just right
Got my Playboy bunny right by my side
This is me
never knew this happyness could beeh happening to meeh…
oh and I never no never thought I'd ever find someone 
who can beeh… who can beeh… who can beeh…
just rearrange
Any lil thing, that we can to help us make this change
Focus and aim on stakin' claim to some higher ground
They took ours from us dropped
a vendetta
get Saddam by any means and make man chedda
in 4 years you grow 600 million
the bush family
oil tycoons
they're worth billions
you even pissed
knew what some females have put me through
Last week, I chased by a beast
Licking her lips like I'm some feast

I was drunk, my eyes were red
I'm kinda