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And show the club what we out here getting grands for
A double shot on the rocks, what you playing for
Buy a bottle by the bar, get your man's dough
investigation for 16 months by the I.R.S.)

Claims to be a MAN OF GOD;
Currenty seeking the United States Presidency,
Hoping we will all follow him into
and 49ers
Rivals, but the South remain calm
Neutral but we see blood that make homeboys hate at each other's lives
Over colours and thangs, that they can
Can't hustle tapes without getting hassled by somebody
Hand out flyers and get harassed by somebody
In Sac Town if your creative that's a crime 
And they
or hate me
My moms got raped by the industry and made me

I'm the illest nigga ever, I told you
I get more pussy than them dyke bitches Total
Want beef,
Nope! Never leave a shredda
I got the soul of every rapper in me, love me and hate me
My moms got raped by the industry and made me
I'm the illest
Trying to puncture on my life by filling up my lungs
The shit you call air, but I call it death
'Cause it makes me choke and lose my breath
My toes
let's celebrate
These niggas love to hate, but I'm aight wit that!
These M-16's will push your whole temple back
Nigga remember that, I am not a game

If you listen to this its evident you trying to figure out if I'm dude
Or maybe somebody told you I'm that dude
Or maybe you one