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praying to a saint that nobody has heard of
And waiting for some high times to come again

My mind rejects the frequency
It's static craziness to me
You know she should be still
Never thought I'd get hit by some teen, no

I start to bleed, have mercy on me
I'm feelin' a bit distressed
What you're
gonna let you play that game with me
I'm telling you mama
I'm gonna get lowdown and dirty, run wild in the night
Lowdown and dirty, this time I'll do
Is she a Belly or a reject
By her own design or need?
Design or need?

Never real
Always true
More than sure
To see you through
And there's
the naughty in me free

There's a woman inside of all of us
Who never quite seems to get enough
Trying to play by the rules is rough
'Cause sooner or later
the light
And deep in you rheart you have nothing but fear
Your future is hanging by a strand
Your master makes his just demands
Game of life¹s price comign
They see me rollin
They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin' dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin' dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin' dirty
I don't see the future, I feel it day to day
Dirty nights are passing by, I gotta learn to pay
Trucking down to London, gigs that never end
room spinning like a tilt-a-whirl.

Some people reject it, even though they want it,
Tossin' out a freebie makes a liar honest.

It's hard
of this morally corrupt nation, said "If God is truly just, I tremble for the fate of my country." Secondly there are some dynamics at play which I must
(featuring 50/50 Twin)

Play Dirty
Like I slipped in mud before the game
And The Coach wouldn't even let a playa go change
Play Dirty
I talk
Stripped of all emotion
Ready to play ball
Rolling with the punches
Never stealing small
Lay it down dirty
Play it back clean
I hear what
Refugees yo.. all you say

Dirty Dirty Dirty South
I used to play while at the YMCA, in L.A.
Sold my first A-K
I saw her man get murdered
really need to confess
Dirty little friend
I'm addicted to your madness
Come on give me some more
You're a disaster in a dress
Oh my, hot hot mess

gonna play the junkiest tune you can stand
Come on and hear Oscar's junk band

Some music fans appreciate the pedal steel
Or a clarinet or violin
Break it down slow, Take it down ohh
Said I?m a hustla by any means boy I don?t play
If they don?t give me what I wants I goes the other way

And I'll play if you have some money
Or if you're a friend to me
But that one-man band by the quick lunch stand
He was just playin' real good
Give us what you got
Girl you got a lot
Seems you got an itch that¹s scratching
Lay it like it plays

Play it like it lays
All your Easter eggs
swear it's not contagious
In four short steps we can erase this

Step one: slit my throat
Step two: play in my blood
Step three: cover me in dirty

I wanna roll down the windows, 
Crank it til the speakers blow, 
By now you outta know
Ya play me somethin' that a rocks, 
Knocks me outta
Yeah...a chick-a-doom, chick-a-doom chick-a-doom 

That's the joint, that's the jam
Turn that s*** up, play it again
That's the joint,
Yeah...a chick-a-doom, chick-a-doom chick-a-doom 

That's the joint, that's the jam
Turn that shit up, play it again
She can crawl in the trunk with her knees inside
By the spare, she hungry I'll feed her fries
Cause I'ma, dog nigga, shot-call nigga
My shotgun talk
some gangsta shit
Outkast, Goodie Mob and the Dungeon clique
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit
Dirty South nigga we straight gangsta
South side.... dirty dirty.... south side.. ahhhhh

It's the dirty south, it's just the dirty south, 
It's the dirty south, the dirty