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(written by: Slash / Matt Sorum / E. Dover )
Skinny kid flippin' out A prissy little thing with a tan Was an outcast in the basement Tryin' anything
some time
Ain't no conversation
All I know is by your body language

Se você quer, então toma
Chega mais e soma (yeah)
Sente o meu aroma
Vem que
of the flesh
And the direction of the green flow

This is the city of Soma an idea brought to life
And carefully designed by George Reed

Founding member
I have seen the diamond stylus,
Cut a groove from north to south,
Heard them calling from the islands for a better day,
One by one they tell their
off and show my face
So you can see the things you face
And slice you up
And cook you after your murder
By strangulation

that's bacon souffle
of destiny

Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta
Is the song that society sings
Soma coma, fucking by numbers
And consume as much as you can

Free from love, free from
He's just another victim of the system's bloody knife
A problem evader an escapee of life
A temporary soma not yet prescribed
Has stripped him
I get my Kush from California, get my dro from Arizona
I can get it 'cross the border, got a rider name Winona
And I'll be calmer than a soma