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Was the fortune of soldiers to be always at war
Sighting down the barrel at whatever comes
Till the fighters forgot what they're doing it for
lessons taught you to be cruel and mean
All your prayers are said in vain
You live by the blade, die by the same
Soldier of fortune selling

Does he know that I'm a soldier of fortune
And not a victim of circumstance?
We drew lots for his soft underbelly
Now his fate is sealed with my
I had a first cousin called Arthur McBride
He and I took a stroll down by the by the sea side
A seeking good fortune and what might be tide
No more will I do all the things that I've done
I'll live by the nature of moon and the sun
I've talked to a stranger whose soul'd gone away
Soldiers of fortune,
Kings of Hades,
In our quest for power unite,
Black messiahs,
Devastation angels,
Gird our loins 
Prepare to fight

the silent ones we pray for all tonight

New dawn rising destruction and pain
Long days passing the fear of the rain
Soldiers fighting on the price they
I'm a soldier for fortune, I've got murderous plots
Plus I'm suicidal, walkin this parking lot
With my dangerous thoughts, I'm a dangerous dude
Beemer, with that sex whore Sabrina
Fortune checks, live in Medina
Thanks for the info, my kinfolk, listen, Ms. Window
With the big pimple on her temple
gettin drained by L.A. 
Trying to find piece of mind 
is like trying to find a gold mine 
it just won't happen 
no time for relaxin 
Real soldiers
like no other
The soldier of fortune, the undercover
Rebel of rap attackin the ones who's attackin blacks
I'm on a mission of peace, I make tracks
the hustlin on the corner 
(love these thug niggas ya heard me) 
Know what I'm sayin makin it happen 
Niggas in the rap game changin their lives 
beaming smile knew a private agony that burns
And when the children met divinity I sat to watch the merge
It goes pandemonium live
Ya'll mutha fuckers
Something that is done when you live by the gun
Get down, the shots went bang
It wasn't planned this way, just meet my demand
And things will go
To let you know that I appreciate you by my side
It's been a long ride, a lot of long nights
A lot of long flights, worth every sacrifice
A soldier
of peach fuzz -- his hopes may be the same 
But he's signed up as a soldier out to play the music game 

There are fake patches on his jacket -- he's used
I'ma soldier of fortune
My style is extortion
And I'm gorging more than a portion

Take an excoursion, oceanography odyssey-D
Ballin' 3-D
'Cause by then it's too just late, there's so much we can take
And there's only so much someone can swallow an' tolerate
Up to the point that he just