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And the outcast child enchanted by the sun
Will he seek his shelter never knowing one
Shadows on the mountainside
Eagles find the souls they
The atom germ wars gone precipitate genetic mutation
Social degeneration
Creatures born of malignant science
The children of technology
the red in the snow..

They try to hide the tears and look away;
But they just stare at my scars..

My broken heart pumped the blood;
Out of my broken
Passed the buck to his number one
Now we're fucked by the bastard son
Can't hide, so we better run
Three cheers for the underachiever

Once a drunk,
It reeks of a chic girl, streaks of red, even though all pussy is pink
Oblivion makes obvious seeks
Which makes meats for my obvious feasts
By your red hand.
You left me here to suffer and die.
Eyes black. Cold face.
Your stare burned me.
The sears will be with me,
Until my last

Tomorrow they will find us.
Hide the children free of sin.
We will meet their blades by morning.
Protected only by our skin.
Tomorrow we
To me, smiled to me

For all the ones who seek their dawn
My wrath I breed, my wrath I spawn
Behind a crooked cross they hide
Forever I shall be their
of hide and seek  
When an informer gives information  
Then its called a leak  
I jail your a number ruled by governor  
Screws keep you under, want
Katy, little lady, and I love her

My Katy loves her games, you know, a thirty times a week
I find myself dragooned into a game of hide and seek
So, I
to choose
Whe night comes around
I can't be found
Hide and seek
Turnin' on the heat
Runnin like a cadillac
I'm so sick and tired
You're a damn dirty liar
a winged diocese

For her interred
I tore a battle banner from his hide
Splashed in red goetia
Hues of Hell and deicide

So came the night
Its obsidian light
bang bang we'll send it to heaven
This is more important than just a game of hide-and-seek
Lay battered by the shores of the styx.
Weary from the battle they seek refuge, bathing their wounds

In the blood of a million matyrs while
play hide n' seek like Jason I'm so hungry
She's naked see no privacy but I can see she wants me
So patient see I try to be but Gee why does she taunt me
Mafia ties
We pop up by surprise like we playin +Hide-And-Go-Seek+
And I'm about to draw the line nigga, talk to your soldiers
Cross me, you try to knock
a sick-minded freak, six minds kinda think
Sitcom-blinded geek found life by hide-and-seek
I climb the steep, a few times a week
The line's with skeet,
  Them DENVER LANES and they all gettin' see-sick "

Well I guess I'm a gangsta
You probably know me by now
But the way that I look
spurs on my Airforce's
Back porches made for hide and go seek
We got space out hurr, we can ride and chief
Ain't gotta worry 'bout nobody approachin'
dead dead dead are we 

Though once I thought
Oh once I read
The hidden god plays hide and seek
Whilst others still run from him
From the world's
the body's guest,
Upon your impish arrant
Let none be guiled by false confession
Truth shall be your warrant
Fly soul for your body must die

But for those who
hide and go seek
We got space out hurr, we can ride and chief
Ain't gotta worry 'bout nobody approachin' us
By the time they catchin' up, we smoked it
hide and go seek
We got space out hurr, we can ride and chief
Ain't gotta worry 'bout nobody approachin' us
By the time they catchin' up, we smoked it
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

Words sometimes
a blood-stained crown. 
Utter chaos supreme. 
The sand absords the colour of dawn. 
Nevermore shall they dream, nevermore.] 
The years went by under a blood-red