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loungin in the car with my homey 
He said he needed a dub so I slipped him one 
And said "c'mon Mary Jane and let's have a little fun" 
I got you in
by the lives we live
If it changes it'll be God's prediction, so pain inflicted, like Jane's Addiction
Live right like Christians, but dance with
Bail to tha coast, take a head of this Skunk
Twist up a big bomb of this serious dope
Smoke it down to tha dub or roach tip
So much damn resin it's
style, I'ma stay that ripper
Tryin' to get cash out the ass like a stripper

Dub O, I'm down for whateva, do what I gotta to get the cheddar
Fuck takin'
wearin shades so my eyes don't reveal the red haze 

Caused by my yung, cause days like Frankie Beverly 

Amazin em back it's tried again, no roaches
Pop-Pop my trunk yep, yep, yep, yep (x4)

Verse 1 (Trae)
I'ma swang I'm a swanger slab lean to the left
Pop my trunk and show what I'm about so Houston,