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times harder than any other crew can
Jeff is like Conan, I'm like Tarzan
In other words, wherever we go
Hahah! We're runnin the show, but no
At right angles, unless it was conceived and stated
So whoever shall stray away from right lives wrong
The deliverance of the word false opposite of truth
His brother got killed, so now he keep a tool with him
Live around the corner from his two daughters, no father
That's when the waitress came
wild, original style
Acoustic, some'll refuse it
Cause they don't know the real
The Seventh Seal, is broken so I be smokin'
On these whack rappers,
the killing
I say hit me wit' a stack, let me live, let me do mine

Let me be aight when I rest in the night
If you want it, you can get it
Don't make theatrics
gon' get it by any means
How unfortunate, January the sixth
Federal officers, raided our offices
Making it hard for us to eat, and breathe, and live
Building prisons is more economical, so your niggas in gang modules
Be giving more head than hair folicles
And niggas like myself know the ledge and still
live and direct without further adieu
I bring to you Redman one more time
This is Jeff Stewart and you know how I do it god damn!

So who's that
To stay hot I savor my Arsonists' behavior (thats right)
To set fires as long as I live in this game
The center of attention so you marshmallows
This boy is staying acoustic 

There's Seeger singing in his heart 
He hopes his songs will somehow start 
To heal the cracks that split apart
dons with arms
Hit your crib, blaze your moms
I spit bombs, eating - real like Jeff Dons
And chiefs that disagree with me, wave your arms
Don't get is
meet in James Bond shit?
Another foreign car driven by a convict
Aventador matte black Akon lips
Nas ether niggas, Game napalm shit
Niggas say my
your ashes, put 'em up in a urn
On a mantle for memories
I hear you callin' me, Lord knows you love me
The Passion of Rule is so real, just lend me
or else we knucklin when I get in my car my seat belt I'm bucklin
It ain't that I'm afraid but I'm trying to get paid
From a high school to bare ain't no
for power
I was a little nigga
Couldn't stay out late I was sour
So I sat by the window, heard the DJ cut
Impeach the Pres, Apache, and just begun
start to rearrange/ we 
never knew but in just one year our lives would forever 
change/ shit started goin' wrong right before our very 
eyes/ it's so
My complex style be wild 'nuff tough like rough sex or roughnecks
I dedicate this track to the suspects (yeah!) 
the real live niggas ain't afraid
He's very intelligent, he's a positive role model in rap
I went to a show last week, he was the bomb
He was better than Michael Jackson
He's so sexy,
dick and balls off and make ya eat em'
Then choke yo' ass to death so you won't even need em'
Punk bitch!

You ever felt like you a freak in the night?