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'Cause legends call us to live

They came in high
And they came in low
Worn by the miles
And fresh from home
Hard work, magic
Then some tragic end
the code that I live by and told me to run it

So I start with the shit plus I was born with the knowledge
A young wise muhfucka get respect like
Written by Tommy Shaw
Lead vocals by Tommy Shaw

Dear John I knew you
About as well as anyone
We were the wild ones
So sure those days would
I am the man with the plan to shake the hand of John L. Sullivan
Fighter till the end, legend he will be
And if any man should ask, if any man
I'd love to live his crazy life, have his fortune and his fame 
And a few of his old flames.

Hair blowed up way out livin' like John Travolta
lives apart

Pictures from the air stole away your souls
Aerobatic thieves photographic freeze
Lead by the legend of Kree Nakoorie
The man that hides
man so
Hard to understand


Flying bladed ships carried us to you
As you walked away trees obscured our view
Scared by the legend of Kree
the country so she done run away 

Poor little John, poor little John, 
Your Mama used to love you but your Mama's gone 
What you gonna do, livin' all
I live in the cemetery ol' caretaker they call me 
In the wintertime I rake the leaves and in the summer I cut the weeds 
When a funeral comes
the peace
Without a gun
From Abilene down to Galveston

When he rode by the general store
People crowded through the door
To see the legend and the man called
Left here behind all alone and forgotten
So now the world belongs to me
To live and to die by the word that is spoken
The legend's a lie
to live
Somebody's back door creeping on my pretty Julie Anne
Conjure woman had a say so to give
She said, "John Henry." she said, "That's just the way
They say we’re crazy
So baby lets go insane

Cause I know a key when we’re together
I know we will live forever maybe
One day we’ll make history
John's gone his senses loaded over by your house it's so basic
One, two, three, four
 John's gone his senses loaded
Over by your house it's so
Some live in the legends of history 
Most are forever forgot 
The victory it goes to the strongest 
And only the strong will survive 
Survival is
into those eyes
Our lives changed like the weather
But a legend never dies

He said I ate the last mango in Paris
I took the last plane
And they call us the gonzos, the gonzo compadres
Los gatos con queso, and we love our mommies

We live by the mountains, we live by the sea
We live
Vibe with me 

[Chorus: John Legend (Jay-Z)] 
I know 
I know 
Some places we can go (Yeah n**** I been places you got dreams of being here) 
of lard
I would buy more but the times is too hard
And I don't see why I have to work so hard
I can live off the chickens in my neighbor's yard

I got
Down at the railroad station my suitcase settin' by my side
Got no high hopes of leaving I'm just watching the trains go by
Watching the trains go
the D to step back
Unless they be deranged, dough

Rae me fa so la ti dough
The chiza rarely do missa
Money earner isa
Barn burner

Highlighted by
Going through the airport with more lie than an opera
Knew crooks who move books like Harry Potter
Get cleaners to get it cleaner
A legend like John

We tip the waiter a hundred dollars
To keep the ice cold, alright?
We the last guys to keep the wise guys code alive
If I can't live by my word
We tip the waiter a hundred dollars
To keep the ice cold, alright?
We the last guys to keep the wise guys code alive
If I can't live by my word