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By the foolish words of men
They say that God is oh so tasteless
But they've never tasted Him

Ah, I gotta express my point of view
To the world, so
pretty tonight
Hold on now let's go till morning

Get up on love and stand by me
Stand by love, stand by me

I'm a shell shocked lover, under cover
down, lay down, let it all down
Let your bright face smile up at the ones who stand and frown

We were so close there was no room
We bled inside each
night stand
Formula music, girly guile
Genuine junk food for juveniles
Up and down the dial
Mercenary style

I watched the stars chuck down their
the gift of life 
It doesn't happen to you, you happen to life 
Stand up, do something with your life 
You're a light on a hill, you're meant to shine so
And you will feel naive

It's hard to take this and stand my ground
But it's needed now and it's not just for my sake

Why am I so shaky?
the light, 
Pushing the clouds away
Stand up and fight, 
Stand up and see the sky turn bright, 
Fight for a better day

What a relief it would be to end
the hope

Oh where has it gone
Brothers sisters stand firmly and try
Reaching the spacious ski-ies
Fourth of July

Lie by the sword
Black times
In our town the sirens answer to 911
Another soul is flying free from another mother's son
In our town, the bodies, are cremated by the riverside
you end up in,
The race of the engine that overrules your heart,
Ooh, I can't stand it, I can't stand it,
Pretending that you're so smart.

Out on the hills of glory land
So happy and free at God's right hand
They tell of a place of marvelous grace
On heaven's bright shore
Can turn a good girl bad
So baby won't you tell 'em
All the happiness that we've had

You gotta
Stand up
And tell them that I love you,
Stand up, everybody
Stand up
I think it's time to stand up
And identify yourself
Stand up, and identify yourself

What's your name, what's
Out on the hills of glory land
So happy and free at God's right hand
They tell of a place of marvelous grace
On heaven's bright shore
You were my one and only man.
I was lost, now I'm the winner.
You stand there waitin' by the shore,
But I don't come that way no more,
Because you
on each other
They gotta try harder babe
I got stad right by you
And you gotta stand right by me

Babe I can do much, I won't give up that easy
Can't stand by myself
Hate to sleep alone
Surprises always help
So I take somebody home
To find out how I feel
Feel like just a baby
the morning and go to town 
There's nothing there so I just hang around 
Time passes by 
But I still have to try 

Stand up for what you want, stand up for
It's so quiet and dark
And I shouldn't be here
This machine won't last
For always...
Just my steel friend and me
I stand brave by his side
(Stand up) stand up
(Stand up) stand up
(Say yeah) say yeah
(Stand up)
C'mon get in the groove
Ya know I get so (excitable)
I really get so (excitable)
the basement where uncles were fighting
It hadda be howled on the streets by newsboys to bus conductors
It hadda be foghorned into New York harbor
It hadda
Written by rick vito.

My love is like a rock
Nothing moves it away from you
And I can't feel the shock
You won't break it up
No matter what you do
You noble diggers all stand up now, stand up now
You noble diggers all stand up now
The wasteland to maintain sin [unknown] cavaliers by name

Are you ready for the time of your life 
It's time to stand up and fight 
(It's alright) It's alright
There they go the buccaneers
Hand and hand in leather glove
So fast so crazy
With a creepy kind of love
Bright lights, black leather