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and cleaned, poppin' out, lookin' good
I still represent the same neighborhood

Big Pokey, he from Yellow Stone, I be rollin' hella chrome
Clover watch with
and lil' slim in here.
Shit, Craig be	, all of Beats By The Pound
Mo. be	 nigga with this track, KL.
Nigga Bad Azz in this bitch.
Goodie Mob, all them
to the grave, haters got to behave
Learn by me, M-O-E from the one that street code to the game
I'ma maintain, I'ma let my nuts hang
I ain't scared to sip more
Check the s***
My mindset, son got wet, I'm vexed really
They snatched off his Rolex, smacked his b**** silly
Why n****z actin illy word to Will
the game, could lose or gain
A couple pounds tryin to maintain -- one day you here

The next you not; when you around n****z, check 'em out
Some is bout
spiritual essence
And he goes by the name of, uh HOOD!

Check the vibe, walk that ass or get got
F it (shit) I lick buckshots
Hood, madman, I rip up
I...maintain and do this rap thing?
Yo, can I...kick it?

[Mannie Fresh]
Yes, you can

Well, I'm gon' kick it ? You bitches understand?
I'ma get my n's
Artist: Flesh-N-Bone f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album: T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song: No Mercy

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, real
cause the way I beat up her walls
And if I was to pause, it be a public outcry
From Miami to Canada, East and the Westside
See me riding by the big
cause the way I beat up her walls
And if I was to pause, it be a public outcry
From Miami to Canada, East and the Westside
See me riding by the big
to maintain,
I break the chains
Weed smoke in my brain,
Just to ease the pain
I recall it was a black thang, a mack game
Now it's either gangbang or livin' in
of the candy paint
Home of the 84's and 4's in the?

Yeah, it's the city that's slowed, the city that's throwed
The city where them boys get they candy
He's comin out that Southside, yeah the Stone
You know he's comin through with a pocket full of chrome
(Big Pokey) [14:16]
A nigga on a mission,
and desert eagle ride non-stop
If I have to I'll commit a murder just to maintain
Tell me what you thought I'm from a city where they gang bang
And I got
threw like the prettiest
Big boy Benz, 500-S series
Dump him for the love of money, by the root of O.J.'s
'Bout it to half smoke Philly comin' out
Originoo Gunn Clap you
And it's no doubt I keep your whole crew under pressure
Heltah Skeltah stalkin' smooth ayo my sides by the stretcher
Ready to get
out when he shows up
And smokes up til the roach cock
Drinks up to the last drop
Catch this cat in the club or in your hood
You'll get your spot