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Her eyes they shown like the diamonds you'd think she was queen of the land and her hair fell over her shoulder tied up with a black velvet band
To be spent far away from the land
Far away from your friends and relations
Betrayed by the black velvet band"

Her eyes they shown like diamonds
to the bridge by our captain
His hand held a paper of white
This message just flashed o'er the wireless
And your darlin' is dying tonight

So I boarded
On the banks of the old Rio Grande
Lies a loved one who died broken hearted
She was known as the Blue Velvet Band

She was called by the angels up yonder
the time to die
Then he would come and go like this
Underneath a painted sky

She woke up and called him "Charlie" by mistake
And then in shame began
Come, all you lads and lassies, and listen to me a while
I'll sing to you a verse or two that will surely make you smile
Concerning a young man I'm
Waking up their sleep-addled wives with rambling tales
It didn't go down very well
But as a legacy they called a band meeting
And decided they were
is you with me?

The worse thing since crack cocaine distributed to the poor
By the government, oh I meant,
it love to see you dance

The music's gettin' loud the joint's completely packed
The band is in the groove got the boogie woogie stacked
Eddy's got
I got a job in a band called Black 47 
I was doin' nothin' special after 11 
Oh we learned some tunes and wrote some songs 
And we bought
No gold ropes, no diamond rings

But look at me now, ten years later
Ask any MC if I rap greater
See I'm known in Fresno, even the big O
became a rapper at the age 14
No gold ropes, no diamond rings
But look at me now, 10 years later
Ask any MC if I rap greater
See I'm known in Fresno,
me to the test
You'll find the black sheep loves his dad for better than the rest
Year by year sped quickly by the father now grown old
He called
why our four tour buses hit more cities than Greyhound
Hip-hip hooray, Tha Liks is on the way
I'm like the homey that drops by, and stays all day
But I don't turn my head for things that pass me by
And I'm gonna have a look around 
I could gather all the diamonds in the sky
Hold every one
leave me down 

O Flying Flying Fish
Please flutter by my door:
Yes you can drink my lies 
If first you read my eyes:
Each one is titled
'clock to five
Well, now I'm not what you'd call a violent man
But the news brought a smile to my face
'Cause the underdog is a friend of mine
I'd just love
there, but for God's grace go I...

I once shared a band with a girl named Lee
We were singers and lovers in close harmony
Ah, but this thing called
Building the ark by the grace of God
After the foundation was laid
Hewed down the timber and the ark was made
Called in the animals two by two
There was
Yeah, yeah,
It's another one of those,
Snoop D-O-Double G, L.T. Hutton thangs
Yeah, we all off up in the hills right about now
It's about two in
the sun
This is the time and the place that we have some fun
Now take a see to check the pedigree
of the band that's spelled S-T-E-T
The rhymerator,
My heart's been hit by a truck
Troubled sky clears up
I think it's gonna rain on me again
Johnny get up yea, 'o Johnny stand up
Been rainin'
to the position of upright
And prepare for somethin' smooth, cause I'm right
And, the ink from the pen is like a drug
Except it's pushed by me, not some narcotic
clothes then it's double G
I don't like police hoes, ain't no cuffin' me
All my diamonds dancin' like they Bruce Lee
Check out my smile I got some new
Bankhead, shawty, yeah you know what it is
Pockets full of number of rubber bands and bills
Came up around that standard wheel
Was finna do a deal about 60