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fate lyin' in your hands 
You're the fool, you're the juggler 
Hangman and lover, you're not like no other 

Take a look into my eyes 
Tell me what
a remedy
Your problems will be belong away
You'll go through agony

A boundless hyper energy,
Will smash into your brain
There is no chance for you
You make me stumble, make me blind
Time and time and line by line

Take a look into my eyes, tell me what you see
Take a look into my eyes, tell me
It's my decision, I'm gonna be the man
Smash the television and take a stand
And it's my opinion you could use a hand
Smash the indecision,
ever happened back then, we still haven't turned into men

Just out for fun always hated your schools
Chased by the cops never believed in your rules
smash it, smash it, smash it

Bitch, FV is the Voltron crew
Talkin' that shit, we gon' roll on you
The game ain't nuttin' but a mothafuckin'
And into your blood 
Tear at flesh 
And rip at skin 
And smash at doubt 
I have to break you 
Fury drives my vicious blows 
I see you fall but still I
the place where you are.

Hand-in-hand into a rented car.
Merrily into the abattoir.
Spilling out all over, I'll be Noah on the storm.
And two-by-two in
to say
Only can advise you
Help you along the way
Smash the mental wall
That was forged in your brain
Tune into reality
And break free from the pain
I don't
I don't know why
In your boys life you become like a bull
Like a bull in a china shop
Smash it up into smithereens

There you, there
I'm gonna throw your weight of my back
Put my heart into the attack
I will tear you down
Smash your crown
Have your rule come to an end
And when
how you run
Many a man has lost his life by trying to make lost time
But if you run your engine right, you'll get there just on time?

Up the road he
You watching me watching you
you're another ugly face its true
another time and another old place
I'll break your teeth and smash your face
the strength to smash my fears into the ground?
I've tried to be strong
I've tried to overcome but I don't think I possess the strength to carry on
I'm torn
sure of it
What can you do, you are now dead!

Stuffing your corpse into a fifty five gallon drum
Entombed in your coffin, solidified by cement
lying spectre of centuries
Vices and virtues words

We'll hide in a smash of sorrow
You shall fear
Let your rites be rightly performed
With joy
It's walled off by the riot squad aiming guns right at your head
So you turn right around
And play right into their hands
And set your own
Pass the lawas obey by it
Break the rules don't give a shit
I only have one commandment
Destroy to create, build a new
Smash the hate
What are they for?
Love and laughter fills his life today
Dragged into this world and thrown away
She never wanted you
Better things to do

You won't remember
the steps
You wrote the rhymes
So passe, too many times
But you're hollow at the core

Two generations passed you by
(Two generations passed you by)
You think
a bite
The guards will be obliged to pick the fattest from the heap

They drag the body through the filth by a cruelly mutated arm
Up into the kitchen
lying spectre of centuries
Vices and virtues words

We'll hide in a smash of sorrow
You shall fear
Let your rites be rightly performed
With joy
Friends fall so fast we call it suicide
You just scream in silence over time

Oh, this pain you blaze inside you into the empty sky out there
When you feel
Like a whip, hydroplaning
Hydro on the brain and maintaining
Game changing into subtle shit, we remain blatant
Yo, got to tell you to your face
You get
To blood, to victory, to the truth

As ye sow, as shall ye reap
We will turn your fields into death shining
Our blades smash all down