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the sea of the gods

Hail the new lords, chosen by the dragon lords
Hail them, who are fighting with the weapons of the gods

Hammer, bow, axe
If you are a big big tree
We are a small axe (sharp and ready)
Ready to cut you down (ready)
Sharpened to cut you down

I can't believe that
So yuh wah war bad man now 
By all means when yuh ready bring it on please
And bring yuh friend them small axe fall tall tress 
Ah them pussy yuh
make me say "damn! I wanna kill sam"

"I'm comin!"

Now in ninety-one, he wanna tax me
I remember, the son of a bitch used to axe me
And hang me by
when they step this is axe down 
If you don't know, I recommend you check 
And ask them motherfuckers, how many heads I put to rest 
I play a game but
dusted, musta been the way they threw the cuffs on her
She broke the shits, went and rushed the kid
Wavin' her hands, she had a half an axe, all in her
If you're going to make it through the day
Everyday Everyday
Everyday I start to ooze

A bold plan drawn up by assholes to screw morons
Yeah, you can call me that
As I walk with the Luddites and my crusty axe
I'm a whole lot removed from the Domini Pax
The pacts with
it takes to make 'em jell

And in Washington I'm known by one and all
As the hostess with the mostes' on the ball
They could go to Elsa Maxwell
As time goes by, an eye for an eye
We in this together son your beef is mines
So long as the sun shines to light up the sky
We in this together son
me) By myself, no one is here
In darkness alone

(Come save me) I don't wanna be here
(Don't leave me) By myself, no one is here
In darkness alone
of the Flavor Unit
And we are Naughty By Nature, and we will just do, by terminating you

I can snap, rap, pack, click-clack, patter-pat-pat
Take that ass
And headed for the border with somebody's daughter
It takes one second to check in and say hi
After everything that happened no time goes by

It's a dream
the time, 
I'm just sand in the glass,
This time you shall not pass 'cause I'm the dragon smog, 
I'm a small axe move big trees you still play with Lincoln
would be hard to crack
If you the tall tree within the small axe
Can't relax, pandemonium in hard times
We live the, ? at the faux at the finish line
on the car
Trying to rip the moon roof lid off, out there
Bitch turned the wipers on
Hazard lights and blew the horn
I smashed with my axe, and pulled her
The muthafuckas dyin or the muthafuckas killin you?

[ chorus ]

[ verse 3: scarface ]
You put your crack on my table
I turn my axe on my neighbor
Rush me, cause you ain't gonna live to roast me
I'd have my motherfuckin ass kicked by Moby
if I let some bitch in the Can like 'Bis cop over me
to do
cause you ain't gonna live to roast me
I'd have my motherfuckin ass kicked by Moby
If I let some bitch in the Can like 'Bis cop over me
To do war,
Alone... Stop

Start- by organising, putting small pieces together
Soon the bits will fit in place the start of our new picture
Push forward for what you
you bitch ass
Quick on the draw I come equipped with a pick axe
Rock solid, you cock-a-holics, I'm not gon frolic any longer
Cause my crew's much
energies become
Associated with the higher levels of perceptible phenomenon, and these new
Forms are then instantly acted upon by the two minds previously
to a hoe after a show 
Homie, I don't play that shit one bit 
Fuck around and get your head cut off like quick 
Psychopathic bitch boy, peep the axe
Road by me on the corner, I'm a hold my nuts up
Its finna fuck you wit' dat
But if you a sewer skank let me hit dat
'cause I'm Violent J, ain't even
Well, you know the Juggla jumped in the mixer
Been down the road and I broke a few necks
And I'll break a few more, so what's up?
Road by me