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"3rd place is everything
C'mon, I'll show you"

Tight fit, dim lit spot, is where I'm movin to
Sweaty but these slow tracks start soothin you
set to move, all the great masses
Asses bounce to track that is all in
I'm droppin my quarter, I'm placin my call in
to my crew that's down with
lips slips to Twilight Zones
Prone to blow revision
I'm 20/20 and your in-tune is in prison
Switchin from this track, move back in motion
Unaware of your
(3rd verse) 
You know what this is 
Yeah kid, give up your riches 
Vicious, visions is not for motion pictures 
Unstoppable, rollin' witcha sickest
On some next shit, holdin laser three-eighties
Givin laser dick to a bitch like Kendra, playa
I'm on tracks hustlin my pen, I'm a Nigga With
is like hangin' yourself at a..... 

I know you thought I'd be locked up 

Dead by now, shot up, full of lead by now 

Got up wit' JD doh', crazy
you can see me in poetry motion
Steadily coastin to a lyrical plot that puts a knot in my pocket
Now let's bear witness to the sight of the no-good
these rappers by their fates
And throwing their destinies out into that lake
And as the earth shakes, and as the snakes eat
I found my birth place
losin' yer pace
In a slow-motion crawl of life's busy race
No matter what yer doing if you start givin' up
If the wine don't come to the top of yer cup