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I'm lost at the bottom of the world

Satchel puddin' and Lord God Mose
Sittin' by the fire with a busted nose
That fresh egg yeller is too damn rare
And the sun coming up on a desert
So they sleeping by the side
[Intro: Bishop Don Magic Juan]
Yeah.. no introduction is really needed
But it's, the Bishop Don Magic Juan
Chairman of the Board, of famous playas
Anybody seen a knight pass this way
I saw him playing chess with Death yesterday
His crusade was a search for God and they say
It's been a along
of April
Over the waves she rode
Sailing into tomorrow
To a golden age foretold

The night was black with starlight
The seas were sharp and clear
knows her
She's a lonely girl in a lonely world

At night she sleeps all alone she weeps
With her head on her pillow, yeah
With tears in her eyes
I want a bad girl
Someone with dark rings under her eyes
I want a bad girl
Someone who can take me by surprise
People talk about about their sinners
Just a girl who can't say no
And her sweetheart on parole
Parents named her jupiter
To bless her with a lucky soul
He's a boy who never cried
stopping won’t I? And by the time I end up stopping
You’ll be rocking one of the rings you pointed out while shopping with a nigga don’t lie
She’s losing it
The reflections of the trees are cut by the bow of my piro
And spattered by the paddle of my eager hand
That Mississippi woman is a wavin' over
a small town girl, with her whole life packed in a suitcase by her feet,
But somehow the lights didn't shine as bright as they did on her mama's TV screen,
demons and spies with Cyclops eyes 
At night, while I'm sleeping. 
And girls with claws and blood-stained floors 
At night, while I'm sleeping. 
I see
Yeah, no introduction is really needed
But it's, the Bishop Don Magic Juan
Chairman of the Board, of famous playas everywhere!
Playas, playas,
with much to be thankful for
I've been dying to deny it under the lantern poring over footsores

Winter goes away
Winter goes away
Taken by surprise
With all that wack shit, now you know
You dead wrong, one thousand lashes

Detonate that, pussy Massengil rap cleanse that
The kids rank, snatch
to talk with no teeth
Shorties sayin' ball or retreat
A lesson we all speak at one point or another
What you expect from one who smoke a joint with his
about that
Its about us bending like vocals on ill tracks
Classic, like a novel by Stephen King
Always resting by the revel where a social reign
I fell in love with a girl of nineteen
A black-haired girl I called Abilene
"Young girl, where's your husband?"
"Sadly," she replied, "I do not
Cindy tells me, the rich girls are weeping
Cindy tells me, they've given up sleeping alone
And now they're so confused by their new freedoms
little girl

She's guarded by a brave tin soldier

Sitting on her shoulder

Taken there

In a crystal lullaby

Sometimes when I listen
So much time I spent with you now
Now all that's left are tears from falling off your bed
Marks made by your sleeping head
Lipstick from a drunken
The night of your children's day
Beneath the surface sealed by the floors boarded up
Seal the lips of your voice with haste
And cower at the sounds as they
Stealing the young girl's hearts
Just like Gene and Roy
Singing those campfire songs
I should've been a cowboy

I might of had a side kick with
He never hung his hat up at Kitty's place

I should've been a Cowboy
I should'be learned to rope and ride
Wearing my six-shooter riding by pony
And the side walk bagatelles it's like a dream 
With the roar of cars 
And the lulling of the cafe bars 
The sweetly sleeping sweeping of the Seine 
Lord I