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I'm a model citizen
I'm an all American
I'm a hostage in a city of creeps
They've got mercenary guards
That watch me sleep
They'd like to kill
Cause he was coming down

Up in zanadu diamonds fell like rain
Citizen kane was king poor citizen kane

Valentino suddenly appeared
In his midnight
Easily detect a flat-footed traitor your mom is a co-conspirator her nonsense cannot prevent the prize fighter from fist fuckin your citizens quickly
to the horizon

Wide eyed, new ground
Humbled by my new surroundings

I am a citizen of the planet
My president is Guan Yin
My frontier is on an airplane
Written by Peter Green. 

dear sleep
dear sleep
a tender sleep

dear sleep
dear sleep
a tender sleep

dear sleep
[Originally performed by Misfits]

Who came along for the ride
Hey, you can't come inside
Do the citizens kneel for sex
It's heaven cumming on her
We are one in the same you piece of shit
In tension
Nonplused by my indifference
When did freedom end?
When will our rights begin?
When did freedom
Whence came your voice 
your right to speak? 
Is there a purpose to your tongue 
and gnawing teeth? 
I ask thee; 
How deep and hollow
I am a citizen of the planet
I was born here
I'm going to die here
Come what may
I am entitled by my birth
To the treasures of the earth
No one
you run
It's always when you're fun
Have the day past gone by

Cole man makes a hole
Sleeping citizens
Cole man lock the door
It's how you play
and takes control
Baby she's a wild thing 
Baby she's a wild thing 
Baby she's a wild thing 
Baby she's a wild thing 

Nine days out alone
Sleep in
we forgot her needs

Hour by the hour, we sink into the deep
Money talks, to the guards, stolen in our sleep
Ordinary citizen, ignorance complete
"On clear days it's fast black dead west
Sun on my cheek flat on my chest
I'm warm driving with all the citizens"
Halfway to work, halfway home
Or where you've been
As long as you're a supermodel citizen

Empty faces on your screen
(Supermodel citizen)
Tearing down your self esteem
Where there was no one else around
But I guess I was taking up too much space
As I was trying to get some sleep
'cause an officer came by anyway
Of why we have to send our men to war

Let's impeach the president for spyin'
On citizens inside their own homes
Breaking ev'ry law in the country

I prefer boysenberry
More than any ordinary jam.
I'm a "Citizens for Boysenberry Jam" fan.

Ah, South California.

If I become a first
robbers laugh and steal
Beggars watch and eat their meals-from garbage cans

Broken glass is everywhere
It's a bloody scene
Killing plagues the citizens
Do something real
Sidewalks chasing citizens racing
Do something real
Bloodhounds closing in on opposing men
Do something real
Crows like rats
Sharks don't attack the Irish,
It's mostly Australians.
There's nothing accomplished
By these splashing citizens.
From the Moon down
And we elect by desire
Yes we elect only pretty things

Famous performers who win applause
From the anonymous everywhere
Show us that life is
and kissin your girl
Relax, lay back, unwind, cause now is time to chill

Setting the mood, by the use of this groove
Is an ingenious, perceptive, brilliant,
Go to sleep hoe, go to sleep, go to sleep hoe, go to sleep
If you tired be quiet and go to sleep hoe, go to sleep
Go to sleep hoe, go to sleep, go
a boysenberry more than any ordinary jam
I'm a citizen for boysenberry jam fans
If I become a famous lady
Would you put my photo on your piano?
>From Mary
The FEMA plans to imprison American citizens have generated
A lot of interest around the country
In locating the potential prison camps throughout