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Away hiding, this heart of mine
A ledge, a view of a skyline
Alone between, it's not by design
Your grace, I swoon
You know I can't deny

How long
Deeper in sin sinks the assembly of fools

Though shalt not make graven images
Visiting evil in the land of the dust
Though shalt not have other
He stepped out of the film again
Brushed off the dust and walked away
The touch of a hand was fading from him
A different scene began
lightning rides the night

With dooms winds deaths angels fly
Across an nearly closed skyline
And the sun freezes at one with the infernal holocaust
see the days pass by
This is where we live, it's where we gather
This is where we live, it's where we'll die

I cough and spit of dust and smoke
When all the bodies fall will they shun the light
And dust their feet on brittle stone
And all this time is wasted on an assembly line
To keep things
every mirror
For a trace of yesterday
But the air it holds no traces
Where the eagles were flying

I'm haunted by the skyline
The concrete
[Music: Jakob]

Now I know, where to go
The miles are many
But I'll get there
In the fast lane
Full speed ahead
Down by the green line
And never red
the dust of some ruin far away 
He won't be back 

Early today as I watched while 
The skyline was shaking 
I heard a rumbling 
Early today
Consider this a distant early warning
The fires imminent
Pollution gathering dust particles
Funneling through smokestacks, airways, bandwidth
One man climbs higher then one bites dust 
Through the dark hours in dark towers we trust 
Forever the rays of light will energise my 
so I can find the secret key and free all the emcees
this planet spins on a thin axis
all axis passes won't help you to grasp the atmos'
I mean,
we’ve walked and miles we talked have been
The first time I am not alone in my head
By itself, oneself, can’t find where it began

The dust you’ll
the chinese police
Here the dogs roll by?

Is this here they keep
The philostophers now,
With the rugs & the dust,
Where the books go to die?

How many yez got?
impaled by the same sword
Choose your weapon, stains splattered upon your flag
Taturag shielding the exterior inferior
Stall face to face with a forms that
Blood beach
Dance with a man he starts clutching, he ugly
Punks hung halo teach
Hugged by the math with the cable reach
A hundred and sixty-six
you heard me?
My world ain't worldly, any time could be my time
I get high, but still ain't seen Chicago skyline
In my prime, stakes is high cause
by Suede, vintage out
Cover my square, re-assemble my crooks for assembly
Make note of my mark, east-trace, slice and brace ox
All flam and flamboyant,
altered skyline. 
It's times like these I freestyle biased opinions every other sentence. 
My journalistic ethics slip when I pass them off as objective.