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By Walter Egan

Rain falling down are you crying now?
Rain whispers songs to your frowns
When lonely teardrops fill up your eyes
Rain wash away all
along the timber trail
Blue shadows fallin', down the canyon's vale
And the whispering pines entwine along the timber trail.

High in the sky above
See me fallin'
I slip through the vortex of the sky
Darkness and light
Is what's inside
Darkness and light
It's what's inside
the video screen
Watching old re-runs
Of Mohammed Ali.

The voice of Houston callin'
Brought them back to the scene
Except the sky is fallin'
Do you
the wind blow by
And all I wanna see is you and me
Go on forever like the clear blue sky
Slowly, there's only you and I
And all I wanna do is watch
Doin' nothin' all the way
So let's lay down in the tall grass
Dreamin' away

And all I want to do is let it be
And be with you and watch the wind blow by
Way past dusk, the sky is fallin'
Far off you can see it comin'
Myst creepin' in, starts to rise,
Visions gone we're stricken blind.


One more, cry in the night, one more 
One more, war left to fight, one more 
One life, cut down by fire 
Once child's, angry desire, one more
to the sky
Well I thought it would rain
But the clouds passed by
And I feel like I'm comin'
To the end of my way

But I know God is my shield
And he won't lead
is aiming for the fan
And no, there ain't no chosen few
It's comin' down by the minute
It's sad but you're in it, too

Dead set like you had a reason
fallin' from a cloudless sky

I get high, forget about it all
Red lights flashin' behind my cracked up rearview mirror
Thunder crashin' down
the mornin' dew comes fallin'

And I want to take you to the island
Trace your footprints in the sand
And in the evening when the sun goes down
We'll make love
Just then the sound of hoof beats was heard
And the sky was darkened by a prehistoric bird
Who flew between the unfulfilled moon
And the naked rider,
The sky is fallin' and the ground is reachin' up
The river's goin' by and the water's gettin' high and I feel like givin' up
Standin' in
will go down eventually
Everything is falling (down)

Everything is falling down, down, down.
It's goin' down
It's goin' down
I see the sky fallin
spiralin’ to the ground, but I don’t think it’s gon’ slow down
This fallen world is fallin’, this building’s ‘bout to blow down
We just goin’ in circles, we
to say
This just the kid you know me from before
Prices go up when I come in the store
I'm in another island in the bungalow

The bee suit down to my
love is all you need
Fallin', crawlin', drags me down
Don't know 'til you've hit the ground
Yesterday was here, but now it's gone

crash is coming, 
Break the bank, spinning since the beginning,
Willie dynamite, time to cry and no ice.
Y2k, fallin out of the sky, so its chosen
Hard times are fallin' on you
Even when you smile I see the hurt come through
And I know it feels like it's never gonna end
You say nothin's been
And watch the day roll by

Fallin' in love is like a promised land 
It’s the same road, you understand 
As a rainbow with colored bands
You keep me
The stars keep on fallin'
Your mother, she won't be around

A feather blows down the road
And the wind is cold, your wings are broke
And your heart is
Stars keep on fallin'
Your mother, she won't be around

A feather blows down the road
And the wind is cold, your wings are broke
And your heart is
advanced (so advanced)
Sho is clean (sho is clean)
Sex, mony and drugs we know these things
(Know these things)
Bitches fallin' in love, we show them
them to the top
Just to fall asleep listening to bach?
The ribbon in the sky is the ribbon that I drop
Dribbling the eye across the prism of a clock