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Come into the union district
Drive down on Sharmon Palms
White ghettos paint a picture
Broken homes and broken bones
I was so full of scotch I
leave a letter
When you wrote me off, with no phone call.

Bones and broken homes
(No where to lie down)
Bones and broken homes
(Just rest my eyes
pictures in your head,
I'm so sorry for the mess

Cold as a stone,
Hollow eyes and empty soul
Broken like a bone,
In a vice,
Heart like coal

Die, shattered you'll die
Bones broken in half
Blood flowing freely
Limbs severed in hate
Brains splattered, demise
Skin eaten in wrath
Bring me some healing
Saint Cecilia, carry me home to your house of broken bones

You're out of sight, I'm out of mind
Been sitting watch your
They judge you by your money
Or the color of your skin
They read you by the cover
Don't take time to read within

They judge you without jury
Down under the night sky
I lay and wait
Praying to whoever
Will listen to me
I founded my own cross
Been clutched by its weight
There's no
hide your name

Secret skin
Your secret skin 

Sin sex salviton

Once more I pay the bloody fist, once more betrayed by your broken wrist
One more busted
We bonded over broken bones
Whose broke skin, whose fractured in two places, and whose hurt the most
We bonded over broken bones
How many Vicodin
Mine are sinning hands
On a broken windowpane

Bloodless moonlight, like my lady
Gave me only skin and bones
Down under the night sky
I lay and wait
Praying to whoever
Will listen to me
I founded my own cross
Been clutched by its weight
There's no
Picture a bright blue ball just spinning, spinning free
Dizzy with eternity.
Paint it with a skin of sky, brush in some clouds and sea
Call it
broken screams
Spitting out obscenity
Disregard all life
Take fast make strikes
Tearing flesh to bone
Nothing left, no moans
Planted bodies, shallow
what is this 
Who are you 
What is is this?

Fee ? feel the bones 
Nothing broken mobile homes 
With each sound 
Crawling out from Under
Come back to Go Again
Digging Out from Under 
To Kill Again

Splinter Pierced Broken Fingers
Bone Rips Through the Skin
to the
Chocolate on their face

When psychologists write a book on this
And sell it, it becomes
A cartoon animated broken wire model
Of pterodactyl bones


Now day has broken
Shattered in the wind
Lies, still unspoken
Nothing left to send

Sliding by a picture handing, folded in your hand
Hunger, and the world is reduced
Reduced to the surface of her skin
Like a spray of broken glass
His bones began to fill with words

You said come just as you are 
Your skin and bones smell like a bar 
You say you want me there this way
Okay, well I'm on my way 
I'll grab this
Happy times ahead
Happy times ahead

Saw the kind of blood
Like a picture’s going to shatter
Can you recognize the pictures of a bone-luck setter
of broken twisted trees 
Your pretty face offends 
Because it's something real that I can't touch 
Eyes, skin, bone, contour, language as a flower 

Watch my life pass me by
In the rear view mirror
Pictures frozen in time
Are becoming clearer

I don't wanna waste another day
Stuck in
wandering forever traveling

A voice that cry but I'm smiling just the same
You show me where to look
Just skin and bones just circling the sun
human parts I was sheltered by his chin
Lives spent in wet cement underneath his skin

Still on my neck the breath of the dead
Even as blood and bone
in winter he's a bear 
Broken dusty mama 
Her face melted just like wax 

Her once gazelle like features 
Bloodied by the age axe 
Sepia picture