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on girl, go for it, go for it
Sisters are doin' it for themselves
Step right to it girl
Sisters are doin' it, doin' it
Doin' it, doin' it, doin' it
on girl, go for it, go for it
Sisters are doin' it for themselves
Step right to it girl
Sisters are doin' it, doin' it
Doin' it, doin' it, doin' it
Yeah, yeah!

That's my mother, like no other
Made me human, made me brother
And it's swelling with blister for my sake and my sisters
The guardian
An that's Suzie Q
Well, it ain't nothin' to it
Peoples, just easy to do

Well, now I know a girl
Her name is Sister McGhee
She jumped up an down
For who she
to preach about the wrong of the world 
It can't be changed by three girls 
On the trio tip we're not a proof of that trip 
Excuses that's the truth when
Which I think can be a good thing
But for the attention of men
We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings
In the way that boys are
Talkin' to themselves givin' the version of why help and hurt in they eye
I live across from it, some of it I do be in
I be showin' niggas lives
Like UPN
heard by a precious few
But the years of night are gonna pass forever
When the sun comes shinin’ through

On a a brand new day
We're doin' in a brand new
And for a moment you were sittin' there right by my side
How I wonder what you're doin' tonight?

My friends and I went out to a bar downtown
What... what are families for?

All grown up, holding your own
You fend them off by telephone

You keep in touch, it's come to this
The furtive hug,
Life is short is what some nigga said
Not if you measure life by how one lives and what he did
It's funny how these black killer companies is making
me for a ride

The girls are left behind
When forty women all spend time
With me and the boys
And they do, yeah the toys

Talk about it
News Reporter:
Well, it seems they're in the news again.  The 2 Live Crew has
started a dance craze that has basically taken the nation by
Porter told me
"See you can push a new car, it's different for a rap star"
And AZ was givin' 50s to the homeless
They never bragged about it ? "L, we
To stop for a minute
Just to start up again

Your hands like birds in the trees
If the trees themselves were all on fire
Your hips on mine
you ashamed of bein black?"
(Nothin' but love for you my sister)
Might even know how hard it is (no doubt)
Bein' a woman, a black woman at that? (no
own thing 
Girls dance for me, pumpin' over me 
Big sniff is back, word to honey's crack 
The mack is back, doin' good and lookin' fly
The mack is
to live in it, God is preeminent
And forgiveness is unlimited, but stop and


From the flats to the drops to the burbs
Calling out
What we do when we go high?
We doin' it all night
Ooh the girls, they wanna ride with us tonight
I'm in the middle of the club with my niggas
see his answer?
His hands started fidgeting, he looked askance
He's penniless, he's flying by the seat of his pants
Handsome, boy, does he know it
People are sayin'
That boy is gonna hurt you
His kind of love is not for real
He's only playin'
Fooling with your heart girl
But I know how he
But I can't figure out which spice girl I want to impregnate 
And Dr. Dre said, "slim shady you a basehead!"
Uh-uhhh! "so why's your face red?
the company girls and the go-betweens are known to meet
Her younger sister runs the desk, she rings a little brass bell
And if the truth were known, she liked
I was sittin home, all alone
When I heard the ring, on my telephone
I picked it up, to see who could it be
This girl I just met, her
All my cuts are bunk 

They said I live in a slum 
My father's a bum 
They said my sister's a crackhead 
My brother's drinkin' rum 

But I