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Musty fusty yet so crystal clear 

The non commercial set is now here 

Brought to you by the will of positve people 

K are S plus One equals
smack, slap, smack, slap, smack. 
Click, click, boom, stop dead in your tracks.
Stick the steel in your mouth,
Buck, buck, buck, buck, buck, lights out.
I'm 'bout to do my thing to shine. 
Said everybody

It's not luck that I'm sittin' here 
Spittin' for y'all.
Preeld in by
the free-throw line and bang
Now, I bust and crush tracks, nothin' really changed
Except, twelve-inch scars on my body
What I mean by that, I was hit by some
The city on our back, we was the opening act
Throw our tapes in the crowd, they throw 'em right back
But we stayed on track, they stayed on the tracks
trapped by drum tracks mac loud as gun claps
Pin a crab nigga to death of a thousand thumbtacks
The Wu Sensai fold, it bees the Wind Ninja scroll
Soul edged
rag, gag almost hack of a lung
Like you picked up an axe up and then swung
Stick to the core plan, drag to the back of a trunk
By one of your fans,
will live forever, my fame will be maintained
Now some can't feel this, and some feel can't that
But all can feel a track that's produced by Battlecat
to me in the benz truck too

Fuck all y'all non-believers
I roll wit god, the squad and ts
Out wit the b.s
We platinum, they even doubted jesus
Niggas is
On the wrong side of my tracks, I'll smash your petticoat junction
In a suffering city, I'm punishing the pretty
And if you don't fuckin feel me