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it shines right on the gutter
And you remember that he was there
And you should know, right there in the fold
That you grabbed him by his hair
War at 33 1/3
Haven't you heard
I got quick and clever
At the level of a scientist
With this list my fist pumps chumps
And don't miss
the phonies, got snakes and vawchers among me [x4]
Boiling, liquid, expanding, vicious, explosion, commanding war
Sink you bitch niggas titanic, extremist,
Taking time out to create
His own war
It an aerial assault
It's the war of the bird
Strapped to his forearm
Awaiting flight,
He's blind
canes, where guns were once before
Taunted by the children whose parent's lives he saved
Forgotten by a state, whose leg in war he gave
Silver gleams upon
Pillars supporting sky crumble
Sun moon the stars pour down
Rivers and oceans rush where the earth sinks
Great conflagration quenched by raging flood
make a vision sing my twix cling to your pigeon wings,
Vision militia indent benders , we've flooded Hell's kitchen sink,
Walkin' eye civility
though I'm revoltingly small

My person, my belongings, I break them at will
No classes, no families, no nations, no ties
I'm swallowed screaming by oceans
A poetic rhythm brought by the storm No grace, no glory - pure pleasure in Pain Two
horned master is on the rise Deaths riding in by the storm they
the prowler oint (uh)
And after bubblegummy sink into the sofa
Clicker the pilot his broadcasted choice of cobra (hissssss)
The venom remains the same game
in twos, enjoys
We're utterly agreed in which to war

Down by the shore a funny foe
Who bit my wings and ate them whole
He left before I come through
apart inside
But facing sights that my lies can't hide

Defaced by war to ruin my shelter
But still my memories cannot dissolve
But still I'm
pours in like yellow mist
You die in knee deep mud
You sink into that fuckin' smudge
Sticky from all the fuckin' blood

Medals, salutes, uniforms
will never end.
Left without a choice
By the fiscal elite
War is set in motion by higher powers.

A pissing contest for the unknown.
Left bankrupt
she may in Biscay's Bay lie low beneath the tide
If I should fall by cannon ball, or sink beneath the sea
Good people all, a tear let fall and mourn
Yo, you on my dick, thanks for the compliments
You be fucked up by my Table of Contents *begins fading*
Bad Lieutenant, you I been rhymin' since

Salvation of innocents. 
Intensified resistance.
Flooded by sabotage disabled whaling ships sink beneath the waves.
out of pigeon hill potholes
Rat brain, shovel green peas offa butterknife
Racoon hat, moon boots all summer-type
Felt pressure at the center
your parakeet, with scissors, clip his head
Then get the charcoal, whassup, burn your dog's legs
Walk by the barbershop, and hit the glass with eggs
live in unison, calling every citizen
It's one for all and all for one

We don't want war, can't take no more
It's drastic time for sure
We need
and yo 
O is not about to be between an imaginary tug-of-war 
Feedin' me park style with bread like a pigeon 
So I say, get your ears ready for creative
to thrill.

And all my enemies,
I want their eyes to see,
Their captain walk the plank
Destroy them, rank by rank.

Sail with me into the setting sun
live in unison, calling every citizen
It's one for all and all for one

We don't want war- can't take no more
It's drastic time for sure
We need

I am amazed by your ability
To make me feel all this insanity
I am discouraged by your falsity
You sink so low to get things done your way

I see
Major sports figures in and out of rehabs
Holy war with Jews and Arabs
Recalls and cutbacks feature story go to those who gay bash